Google Phantom – A Silent Killer of May 2015

Google Phantom – A Silent Killer of May 2015
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Are your ranks dropping down since May 2015?

Do you have lost considerable traffic?

Your sales and revenue is decreasing?

Then it is obvious to think that Google has done something with your website. You probably know that Google Mobile Geddon was rolled out on 21th April, 2015. When you look onto your site, you came to know that it is mobile responsive. Then what is the problem?

The problem is recently rolled out algorithm of Google named “Phantom” that has hit hard those websites that have thin content probably in the form of How Tos, or Top 10 best type articles that have text to link ratio higher.

When Google Phantom was Rolled Out?

Google Phantom was rolled out on 1st May 2015 and onward. Although, Google has not confirmed the dates but search monitoring firms like searchmetrices and cnbc recognized this update to happen in the above ranging dates.

How much effect of Google Phantom?

Effected websites observed 10-20% loss in their ranks. That can be considered a severe effect after the Panda and Penguin.

Which Websites are affected?

Highest ranks dropped are observed for Hubpages and while eHow and WikiAnswers observed drop but it was not more than hubpages. These are the sample examples, if you have similar style site that contains thin content with more links probably in the form of list of links, then your ranks drop is obvious due to this algorithm.

One Page Vs Full Domain Ranks

According to hmtweb blog, this algorithm effects the whole domain even if found some article thin or spammy.

Positive vs Negative Impact

While thin content sites got penalty from Google, rich content sites received reward in the form of better ranks and traffic.

History of Phantom

First time Phantom was rolled out in 2013 and that was also a silent killer i.e. Google don’t warned webmaster about this update. Also the effect of that update was just like same as it is now. Therefore the latest update is also called Phantom 2 by some seo experts.

How to Recover from Google Phantom?

Given below some ways through which you can recover from severity of this update;

  • Remove the thin content article and update them with rich content.
  • Remove list based article that just points to some other websites.
  • For How Tos and tutorial, add some content with the pictures as how tos, normally contains thin content with images.
  • After updating your content, submit your page urls to Google.

What to Expect Next?

Right after the Phantom, expect Google Penguin 2.0 that will affect the website based on their backlinks.


Google is king of all websites, so it can do anything at any time. No time schedule, no predictions. Therefore it is safe practice to use only those seo tactics which don’t make you stand at Google bottom line.

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