Google Penguin Update: What’s The Signal to Your Website?

Google Penguin Update: What’s The Signal to Your Website?
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Did you hear the news that Google Penguin Update has been rolled out? Yes, this Friday (23.9.2016) penguin has been released and now it is the part of Google’s core algorithm update in real time.

We are here to help you in finding out that what exactly this Google penguin update will relate to your website and how to figure out the problems which will be found.

Starting from the basic, last week Google made penguin as a part of its core search algorithm, which describes that now it will be updated in real time! Due to this latest update the websites which were penalized long ago don’t need to wait for the recovery (as the last update was 2 years ago) which is of course good news.

A Different kind of Factors Google Penguin is Targeting:

  • Those Links to your website leading to a “spamming” or “irrelevant content
  • Those Links to your website from a website which has been acknowledged as “low quality” or “spammy link
  • Those Links to your website from another source like “paid links” or requested by yourself etc.
  • Those Links to your website from another site with “immaterial topic matter

In this middle change of the Google algorithm, this is the best time for you to have a hard look on your website. Any good change and cleaning up at this actual time will be scanned by the Google, which potentially huge things for your website ranking.

It also appears as counter innate, but observe, the majority of the factors penguin looks for being really not even on your website.  That’s why having a methodical analysis of your web pages, like where you  are linking to and the pages which are linking to you helps you to stay safe from this update.

Also, the search engine algorithm updates may be alarming, but it’s a great option to boost healthy backlinks and get better web ranking all in one go.

The penguin 4.0, Google does not give a specific number of percentages of the queries which are impacted, as the update is constant so the percentage will be changing constantly.

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