Google Hummingbird Algorithm – What’s Inside

Google Hummingbird Algorithm – What’s Inside
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In the past year Google announced the release of its brand new search algorithm Hummingbird; meaning “fast and precise”. It has been modeled to focus on the meanings behind the words and intent behind the query. It will allow Google to handle “conversational search”. By conversational search, it implies that the new algorithm would be able to comprehend the complex questions and queries automatically by applying meaning technology to the pages across the web and combine them with facts taken from Google Knowledge Graph, in order to return to the users with much better results.

Hummingbird indeed, has dwarfed the old approach of search engines which focused only on specific keywords; it will now consider each and every word contained in the query. With the help of Google’s Knowledge Graph, hummingbird will allow the search engine to better understand the context of the query than merely focusing on individual keywords. Moreover, Hummingbird also facilitates mobile users to enter voice searches.

What’s Inside The Hummingbird?

The following facts, about Hummingbird are very important for e-commerce experts to understand and keep in mind, to be prudent while developing future SEO strategies for their businesses. It will assist the strategy makers to maximize the features of Hummingbird in order to yield higher advantages out of this latest technology.

1. The Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is Google’s information base, introduced in 2012. It provides better search results to the semantic search rather than relying on a single keyword or two. And it must be borne in mind that Knowledge Graph is a very crucial part of Hummingbird because with the increase usage of mobile gadgets, users tend to enter full sentences in search box for their ease instead of simple keywords. Thus it makes it essential for online businesses to anticipate not only the keywords, but the intentions of the internet users as well.

2. Social Shrugs are Also Essential

Social media networks have quite an impact on Hummingbird to get most out of the conversational search. E-commerce experts believes that the businesses wishing to place themselves high in Google search must make sure that they have secured great fan following over the social media as it connotes indication that you are able to win people’s hearts. Their involvement is deciphered as users’ interest in your content. To take full advantage of Hummingbird, E-commerce experts must be able to grab large numbers of followers and likes over the social networks for their brand names and prove that what they say matters to the online customers, and this definitely adds up to company’s reputation.

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3. Hummingbird is Google +’s Benefactor

Whether we like it or not, but Google’s moves can be anticipated and it would not be wrong to say that the Hummingbird is certainly designed to privilege Google+ and therefore, would demand its users to put some energy in their profiles on Google+. Certainly demonstrating influence in Google network is the only bid that will enable the businesses to be placed higher in the search results.

The Picture Put Together

Comprehending the aforementioned facts, one can easily interpret the underlying strategy of Hummingbird. It receives social signals from Google+, and uses this information to identify the context in which an organization operates. This information is in turn sent to Knowledge Graph to establish better relevance of the organization to the question asked by the user. If the result comes out to be a perfect fit, the organization is included in the search.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm And E-Commerce Experts

In the past, site owners would collect critical information about visiting users through keywords data. However, Hummingbird has made the searches quite secure and organic, which limits the ability to identify users’ needs and preferences as it focuses on user intent than mere keywords. With the elimination of page ranking it has become quite difficult for users to evaluate the quality of a site. But hummingbird has made it easier as it will work out the conversational research and provide users with “answers” not just dumb results. The change may be found as highly beneficial by Google users, but it does affect the way e-commerce companies operate.

While e-commerce experts continue to play an important role in ensuring the success of a website and provide other online solutions to their clients, high quality content would be pivotal in determining an online commerce’s accomplishment. Thus e-commerce experts need to come up with a solution which will allow users to find either superficial information or more focused information about a certain topic.

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The e-commerce experts should understand their target market, establish influence, improve visual effects and visibility and offer high-quality content. Only such properly constructed and optimized sites will attract the search engines and would be successful in keeping the site visitors coming back for more.
Moreover, with the reduced effect of “keywords” approach, the experts should focus on developing a key “theme” for their content by anticipating users’ behaviour instead of flooding the content with large stocks of keywords. Thus the key to success lies in responding to semantic searches.

Social networks will also play a central role this time because Hummingbird will take the social signals from these sites to process query results. Thus it is very important for e-commerce experts to ensure high rankings and greater fan following over the social media networks, especially Google+. This will enable the online marketers not only to be able to place themselves higher in the search results but to precisely target the audience as well, based on their preferences and location, as this information is normally gauged over social websites.

Since Hummingbird has been out there for only a couple of months, it is the time for e-commerce experts to re-evaluate their strategies to build awareness among potential customers about their business, products and expertise in their industry. No matter what challenges may come in the future, providing a splendid customer experience and showing higher levels of professionalism will always serve the players well.


Hummingbird has made it clear to the e-commerce experts that user needs must be put first. Much cannot be said about the success of Hummingbird as yet and the challenges it may pose to the online business industry. But it can be said with certainty that this novel advancement, currently in its early stage, has the confirm potential to turn out to be fairly rewarding for those who really want to excel in online marketing and retailing, and believe that getting along well with break through innovations is the key to survive today’s intense competition.