How to Generate Potential Clients in Social Media

How to Generate Potential Clients in Social Media
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One of the most profitable forms of marketing these days, regardless of the type of industry, is Social Media Marketing. With the revolution in the use of technologies, new consumer habits and communication between people, it is imperative that a company has a correct presence of its brand on the Internet.

The good news is that in Social Media there is an enormous amount of potential customers (leads) sailing around our brand. So if we put into practice the right marketing strategy we can capture the attention of those users by offering them content, seriously focused on solving their needs and solving their problems.

Then they will be more willing to give us, their name and their email in exchange for that content and thus create a connection to then move on to try to win their trust and turn them into customers.

The Marketing Strategy in Social Media

Basically the whole strategy is summarized in two actions

  1. Increase traffic to website.
  2. Create a relationship (trust) with the user from obtaining their data, until their conversion into a client.

Action # 1 Traffic

  • Setting up the website.
  • SEO Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Social networks

Action # 2 Create Relationship> Conversion

  • Offer high value content
  • Email marketing

The central idea of ​​this tactic is to try to capture your data (name and email) to add to our list of subscribers, therefore the first step to capture a potential customer is to build trust by offering real value and then to become a subscriber.

Before the acquisition of potential customers (Leads) we must:

  • Prepare a large amount of content in various formats. Articles of text; Images, videos; Infographics; Documents and presentations of our solutions.
  • Create and design landing pages; Capture pages and subscription form well visible.
  • Prepare attractive content for the user to trust you and give you your email. Free e-books, discount coupons, various gratuities
  • Include CTAs (Call to Action) or Calls to Action in your articles and posts.
  • The visual content becomes increasingly relevant therefore, bear in mind that:
  • The posts with image on Facebook receive up to 53% greater engagement, therefore the visual content is the content that most attracts the user.
  • When we generate more engagement on Facebook in the form of ‘like’ comments or shared content, we improve our rank.
  • Pinterest generates up to 17% conversion in terms of Leads generation.

Some practical ways to generate leads

In the Blog or website

  • Subscription form to the content offering an e-book, or downloadable and free value document.
  • Offer an instructive video of a step-by-step high value, viewable enter the user’s email.
  • Subscribe to your monthly newsletter by placing a button or subscription form at the end of your articles.
  • Using widgets such as:
  • Using CTA (cal to action) buttons or calls to action.

In Social Networks

  • Place an app on a Facebook tab that allows you to subscribe to your content or newsletter only for Fans, integrating the application of an email marketing platform like MailChimp or Aweber, without leaving Facebook.
  • Program tweets touted exclusive content in the formats described, with a link to a capture page, only for followers on Twitter.
  • Combine promotions or contests between two networks such as Pinterest and Facebook by drawing one of your valuable products.
  • Advertising on Facebook Ads or Google adwords, using a landing page as a landing page.

These are some ways to generate leads through social media that have worked for us and for our clients, I hope they will be useful for the benefit of your company or business. If you can think of any more I hope you leave us in the comments. Thank you!

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