Ecommerce Shopping Carts Popularity Survey of 2017 – Latest Trends Infographic

Ecommerce Shopping Carts Popularity Survey of 2017 – Latest Trends Infographic
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The marketplace of ecommerce platforms is shifting continually since ecommerce itself develops gradually embracing new branches, areas and stores. A number of of the platforms have rising tendency, on the other hand, a few of them usually decline and this fluctuation normally and gradually changes the entire ecommerce scenario therefore the whole market structure is being transformed. So given here Ecommerce Shopping Carts Popularity Survey of 2017;
E commerce Shopping Carts Popularity Survey of 2017

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Considered to be the most customizable ecommerce platform for building your online business, with 22,189,854 downloads 28% of all the online stores are powered by WooCommerce. It has hundreds of free and paid extensions, thus it covers all logistical & technical necessities, you can rest assured there’s an extension for your specific needs. It is supported in 18 countries, across just about every time zone!


Businesses both small and large choose Shopify to sell because of its ease of setup, amazing features, and some leading abilities industry wise to grow the business.

Magneto Enterprise

As an estimate, for famous 3rd Party Technologies, Magneto Enterprise spent more than $500 per month.


“The Commerce without limits” Magneto Powers world’s most great companies where millions of customers sell and buy on daily basis. When it comes to open commerce innovations Magneto plays the leading role. The spam of business which Magneto covers per year touches $50 billion.


Create your online store with the all-in-one ecommerce website solution. The majority of the services offered are SEO (Starter, Advance, Pro), Ecommerce Pay-per-click PPC having three modes of starter, advance and premium, Shopping Feed Management and Social Media Plans having sub categorization as Social Media Consulting, Marketing related to Social Media and Custom Social Media.

Big Commerce

Website customization, management of shipping and retrieving payments, it also provides a list of all of your products on famous stores such as Amazon, Ebay and Facebook and thus provides you one of the best E-commerce platforms. It adds up the latest features eventually boosting your shopping experience, here you can get unmatched performance to optimize your Rate of Investment ROI. 

Yahoo Store

For anyone to take a start from initial and building a successful online business, Yahoo Stores, provides a complete next generation solution. From our past experience of 16 years of our million customers it came to our knowledge that yahoo small business took almost everything, the ideas of small business owners are transformed into business in a very beautiful way.

OS Commerce

For Self-hosted online stores, OS Commerce is the best tool for you to sell to your worthy customers worldwide. It provides to complete access and you have total control of your online store and data. It has a emerging community of over 288,628 store keepers, developers, and service providers are available to help you any time regarding your online business. Over 7,700 communities based free Add-ons have been uploaded for your use and customization of your online store.

Oracle Store

The most established, expandable, built on modern footings, business users friendly, multi-channel supportive & control delivering power to merchants to precisely manage multiple channel experiences, navigations of content and much more.


RankShopping CartPercentage %
First PlaceWoo Commerce28
Second PlaceShopify4
Third PlaceMagneto Enterprise4
Fourth PlaceMagneto28
Fifth PlaceVolusion4
Sixth PlaceBig Commerce4
Seventh PlaceYahoo Store1
Eighth PlaceOS Commerce1
Ninth PlaceOracle Store0
Tenth PlaceOthers28


Among our experienced platforms Magneto CE has proved to be the widest territory, it only takes 14% from US besides it has a US origin. Except PrestaShop, still commerce market and the subsequent platforms are dominated by active US entrepreneurs.

So PrestaShop can be fairly declared as European ecommerce software, because of its 70% Store Share from Europe.

Comparison of Usage of All Platforms

CountryUsage Percentage %
UK 10



Shopify In English Native countries Shopify has the least share particularly in US. Besides the sale of many other items their main products include clothing, electronic items and accessories.

The popularity of PrestaShop is highest in Europe and many European languages are utilized at this platform. PrestaShop store provides the products with prices that are a little low to the average prices. The main products are rightfully described as electronics items, clothing items, and their accessories.

The sales of WooCommerce are mostly indefinable stuff usually provide the services like information and consultancy. Many cases the product prices are considered to be below the average line.  The majority of stores are English made and are admired in the US.

With respect to language, country and product segment Magento CE is considered to be the most diverse platform. As compared to others the prices are mostly above the average value.

According to price comparison Magento EE has the highest prices and limited products. Its popularity is mostly based in English Speaking countries and among the American Traders.

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