How To Cope Up With Angry Developers?

How To Cope Up With Angry Developers?
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A developer is an asset for a software and web development company as he/she is the person that can provide you a winning programming code. On the downside of it, the same developer can become your worst nightmare by defaming the reputation of your development company.

Yes, it is not an overstated statement but a common concern which is voiced by numerous businesses these days. It is rightly said that “We make friends or foes knowingly and unknowingly”, so it makes sense not to ignore the growing resentment in your developer’s mind.

No matter how hard you try, the disgruntled developers will find a way into your office space and can threaten your company goodwill. In case, you have angry developers in your web development team, here are the ways to deal with them.

Keep your cool while dealing with these “angry coders”- I know it sometimes takes a lot of patience when you are around some bunch of crooked developers who are not ready to bow down. It can certainly be a tough task for any manager to handle those dissatisfied developers and make them perform the desired task. However, to get the best out of these programmers, the ideal scenario would be not to reciprocate the nerdy comments and one-liners by them. Instead, try to reform their moody nature in a playful spirit and challenge these people to find out the best possible way to deal with a given problem in the shortest possible time.


Offer them extra perks to suppress appraisal related frustration of developers-

One of the primary reasons for the growing dissatisfaction among developers is the inadequate appraisal. If you observe a sudden change in the behavior of your employee after the appraisal process, it is a warning sign that the employee is not happy with the salary hike. In order to suppress this situation, it is important to offer alternate perks and benefits to employees to earn their loyalty towards your web development company.
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A better approach to deal with it would be to have a feedback survey to get a proper understanding of the mindset of employees regarding the appraisal policy. Find a way around handling your dissatisfied employees to minimize the strength of angry developers.

Provide them right counseling and stress management tips-


It is mandatory to plan counseling and stress management workshops for your team members to ensure their complete mental well-being. Try to reduce the friction between your managerial team and the reporting team members for the smooth functioning of your company. Include stress-busting strategies, yoga classes and other such practices at a regular interval of time for managing the growing frustration among your web development team.

Companies can provide quick sorts of entertainment like indoor games such as table tennis, pool, billiards, and other such amusements for offering a medium to deal with botched up anger. It will not only help in team building activities but will also fight mental depression in an effective manner.

Don’t hesitate to lead them when required instead of involving in blatant criticism-


In a corporate environment, there is a thin line of mutual understanding between the superiors and subordinates. This can be easily broken at the time of situations like work related deadlines, client’s compulsions, pressure from top hierarchy and other such scenarios. You need to be realistic while criticizing your team of programmers and don’t behave like a “nagging school teacher” who need reasons to scold for every “if and but” conditions.

If you think that your developers are not understanding your point, it is better to lead them yourself and resolve the current coding crisis. You need not be a “cry baby” every time to get your work done in a smooth manner.

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Give them a little autonomy and role in decision making- It is a symbol of good business administration to offer a little work related autonomy to your hired staff members. Don’t try to make your employees work on your fingertips and avoid being too “bossy” while dealing with them. Apart from this, it is important to offer them a certain degree of freedom while taking business decisions. Retaining all the decision making ability in your own hands will give a sense of insecurity to your developers and will automatically alienate them from your web development company.

It is better to follow the golden rule of “constrained autonomy for better productivity” to achieve desired business results.


A loyal developer can offer you a million dollar app, software or program while an angry developer can slap a heavy penalty along with a crucial loss of customer trust. So, don’t let the problem became severe but take the corrective steps now to tackle those angry developers for your web development company. We all know that “A stitch in time saves nine”, so go for it without any further thought.

Want to share some more ways to handle the above situation? Feel free to share your opinions with us.