Complete Study on Smart Slider for WordPress

Complete Study on Smart Slider for WordPress
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Sliders have always been a topic to debate for years, and there are a lot of people who believe that adding sliders do not increase the conversions. And actually, it is the fact.

But I have never seen any drop in the uses of sliders on websites, there are millions of websites which always use sliders. Yes, no one bothers to see the whole slider, they maximum go for 1 or 2. That can be due to bad design or irreverent content in sliders. So the main thing is that if you design the sliders perfectly there will be at least no negative impacts.

If you are opting for sliders in order to improve your website visuals then you should definitely go for Smart Slider 3. Smart slider 3 provides all best features like animation and other visuals that can be implemented in a single slide.

Plugin Features:

Smart slider 3 is an awesome plugin available in both free and premium versions. The free versions come with so many essential features but have some limitations, but the premium version offers a lot of features along with the features of the free version.

  1. Free:Free version of this plugin consists of the following features:
    • Drag and drop with live preview
    • Customizable sidebars
    • Highly customizable autoplay settings
    • Slider with background animations
    • Intuitive User interface
    • Easy to operate
    • SEO optimized settings
    • Ability to hide specific layers
    • Adjustable size for mobile devices
  2. Premium:All the above features also available in the premium version of the plugin. Apart from this there are several other features included in the premium version that makes this plugin special from others:
    • 43 Pre-built demos
    • Unlimited dynamic slider generator
    • Expert mode
    • Layer animation
    • Background animation and Ken burns
    • Lightbox with image editor


Installation and Activation:

Installing Smart slider is nothing different from other plugins. All you have to do is to upload the zip file from your desktop to the plugin installer and done.

You can get this plugin from the plugin search option of the admin panel and can directly install it from there. After successful installation, you need to activate the plugin in order to let it work.

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Tutorial to make sliders using Simple Slider 3 Plugin:

Once you have activated Smart slider 3 plugin, you can see its menu on the bottom of the Admin panel of your dashboard. On clicking the smart slider menu, you will see the plugin interface which will say “create slider” in a pop-up window.

Now you can give your slider a name from here and pick a style from the samples given there. There are plenty of default styles with different modules. Now select your desired style and click on the “create” and the plugin will start building your slider model.

Now you need to start customizing your slide. So click on “ADD IMAGE SLIDE” button and it will instantly open your media library. Now you will need to select as many images as you want for your slide, once selected, click on the “select” button on the media library.


After doing this you will see all those images will be imported to the slider but they lack size and need some modification. So you can navigate to size menu and select the appropriate size for those images, and save all your progress.

Now you need to move on to slider customization. Customizing a slider is simply like curating a post itself. There are plenty of options available, now it depends on you what you want to customize. The plugin provides flexibility for layer settings, animation, and item menu.

You can even customize your texts with unique animations and timing settings. This section also includes a custom CSS option if you need to insert your own style into it. The premium version of this plugin offers the Timeline feature. The timeline feature allows you to control the timings of each animation and elements to display using the simple sidebars.


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Layers and Animations:

After you have done with setting up the slider and backgrounds, it’s time to introduce some different elements and layers. You can start with “layers” menu and then navigate to “image” option. This will place a dummy image inside the slide. Now you can click the dummy image and resize it.


Next, you can move on to animation section. In animation section, you will see a plenty of options from where you can select the style and timings of the animations. Like select “left” animation and increase the duration of your need and add delay time also if you want to display animation after some delay.

You can add text also in the above process. To do this you need to select “text” option and customize it as required. For example, select the text option and write a text and now from the options, select “fade in” animation and adjust the timing settings.


There is a specific option for tablets and mobile phones. You can adjust your animation and slide settings according to your need and make your slides user-friendly and flexible.


Summing Up:

There are plenty of free and paid WordPress slider plugins available, but this one can give you unique and best experience. This is not only the best combination of various elements but also the most flexible and reliable plugin.

The above tutorial can make you understand the working process of this plugin easily. You can try and make your own design for sliders from a vast range of pre-built layouts it provides. Now it’s all up to you to use a huge range of features along with customized sliders.
Given below a video guide to know that how to create an images slider.

Author Bio:

Shara J, mid-level wordpress website developer working for Pattronize InfoTech. I do research on wordpress and other opensource technologies and share my knowledge in my free time. You can contact Shara on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.