Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Plan

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Plan
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By now you have realized the importance you should give the Internet, digital marketing and social media for the survival of your business, small business or company. Whether you offer a service or product (local or international), it is virtually impossible to survive in the digital age without a digital strategy, without a plan that guides you and without actions performed with clear and measurable goals.

You may think that your business does not need you, because your business has come to this point in recent years without digital media. Or maybe you do not know how to get started with your business in social networks and online marketing. The truth is that you believe or not your competition is already acting in social media and may be won a large part of your market.

If you have not thought about your current customers, the competition and you do not have a strategy, or only have a Facebook page (you might want to increase Facebook likes), I think you need an urgent social media marketing plan.

The first mistake is to focus on internal aspects, process and technical details, such as: Who will write or create content? O Do you have to do a blog, be on Facebook or Twitter? How much money is going to cost me all this ..? It is easy to get lost in the details and lose the overall vision.

Before you start the two most important questions you have to ask yourself are:

  • -What audience am I trying to reach with my proposal?
  • “What do I want this audience to do once I know it?”

The audience you’re trying to reach

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There is not a single homogenized audience of the population of any country or city of the world, therefore, the first step for any social media plan is to identify your target audience, who is your customer and what you are trying arrive.

1) Current customers

Identify and meet those you’ve already reached is important, because it will cost you less money to connect with them to sell them again than with a new one. Prepare a message and a new proposal for them.

2) Potential customers

It is a totally independent audience, so the message of your proposal to send to this group must be completely different than what you would do to the current customers.

3) The allies

You have a small audience of stakeholders that make up a small percentage of the population. These are your potential business partners, colleagues and industry insiders.

4) Competition

No matter what you think of them, look, investigate and study how they do it and then think how it could be improved.

5) The influencers

The treatment that you will give to the evangelizes of your brand and to the influencers of the digital media, can not be the same that you would give to all. Your message and proposal should be special with special needs.

What you want them to do?

Let’s say you magically reach each person, then when you reach that audience, what do you want those people to do, specifically?

Make a list of possible actions for each audience. Customers and potential customers. The allies. Competition. The influencers.

Obviously, you want to turn potential customers into real customers. But what do you want current customers to do? What about allies? Develop a list of clear and specific objectives.

Then start writing your social media plan; This means literally; Take a sheet of paper and a pencil (in my case, you can use whatever suits you best, any word processor from any device) and writes:

  1. Start – Analyze where you are today (online and offline)
  1. Research the market (Online Research of my market, use keywords)
  1. Create the plan (objectives, strategies, tactics, investments required)
  1. Set-UP – Defines metrics (commissioning)
  1. Launching by initiating actions online (in what media)
  1. Promotion (where, what will be the investment of time and money)
  1. Management and monitoring (tools, management and costs)
  1. Analysis and evaluation of the actions (who will do it, how and what will be evaluated, metrics, ROI)

If you do not have time or do not want to write your own plan, ask for help or hire someone to do it for you, but do not delay in this decision.

I hope this post helps you to be clear why having a social media plan. If you liked it, please share it.

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