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A Quick Review of PrestaShop 1.7 – Better Code & Easier Development

A Quick Review of PrestaShop 1.7 – Better Code & Easier Development
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With a strong community & several amazing features; PrestaShop is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms which is preferred by several developers and business owners today. In 2015, it got the best ecommerce “CMSCritic” award due to its simpler design and outlook. PrestaShop provides a large number of built-in features that make it highly functional content management system. Speaking of high efficiency & great functionalities, PrestaShop also has some limitations that users found in its old versions such as 1.6, 1.5, and 1.4.

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In order to give a better experience to the users, PrestaShop team has launched its new version 1.7 and claimed that it has improved in the best way possible. Released on 28 November 2016, the latest version is available to download and use for free. In this post, you will find a quick review of PrestaShop 1.7 and all its improvements:

Classic Theme

With PrestaShop 1.6, we used to get a big slider with two fixed pictures. But, now there is only one big slider with separate sections for bestselling, popular, and special products. The font style has been also made simpler.The theme is fully responsive and works flawlessly on all screen sizes. You will find all Tabs, Logo, and search box in the same line on your Home Pages. With easier options, the product page is also simplified that makes it suitable for any kind of online store.

Note: Remember all the previous themes that used to come with version 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 will not be compatible with the new theme – Classic. However, new template demands some minor changes to make them compatible with version 1.7.

Modules Page

The new version 1.7 provides you with more simplified PrestaShop module page with a new algorithm that helps you in sorting and navigation. Besides, extensions are divided into three sections:

  1. Module suggestions
  2. Module installed,
  3. Module that requires your attention.

The improved plugins page allows you to add & manage your modules in the easiest way. With the boasts tabs, it is easy to navigate between three sections, allowing you to see your installed modules.

Back Office

Back office of PrestaShop is now more simplified. You can add more products in a stock with a few clicks. Unlikely 12 tabs of PrestaShop 1.6, now you get six different tabs that will help you add the complete details of your product. Site visitors can see the product description in a single glance.

One Step Checkout

It is one of the significant improvements in this updated platform. Most of the PrestaShop development companies and developers are complaining that this ecommerce platforms doesn’t offers PrestaShop one step easy checkout. However, the latest version has come up with a redesigned checkout process that withdraws impulsive carts and provides hassle-free checkout. The whole checkout process is divided into different sections but is organized on a single page.

Easier Product Creation

PrestaShop 1.7 has come up with an easier way to add products to your catalog. And, it is far better and faster than process found on PrestaShop 1.6. It consists quick actions, shortcuts, refreshed interface, and automatic management. The complete process has been renovated for providing a better experience.

A Starter Theme for Newbie Programmers

One of the most highlighted improvements is that PrestaShop has come up with a new theme that is designed for front-end developers. Free from custom style or markups; the starter theme makes it easier to build custom templates.

Wrap Up

Better Code, Easier Creation, and Faster Checkout! The expert community of PrestaShop has tried to make it easier for programmers to code, easier for merchants to build product pages, and easier for customers to buy. If you haven’t updated the PrestaShop yet, or look forward to use it, then download PrestaShop 1.7 now.

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