Top 5 eLearning Websites That Offer Students Inspiring Educational Alternatives

Top 5 eLearning Websites That Offer Students Inspiring Educational Alternatives
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Educational alternatives can be defined as the alternative ways to gain knowledge without seeking help from traditional mode of schooling and related final certification. To be specific, student community in the modern context is with several options to choose from, exclusively related to education. For instance, they can choose traditional method of education in the form of direct teaching and learning. Either, they can choose online education without having direct contact with educators from reputed colleges and universities. If a student is much interested in the fusion of traditional and modern methods of teaching, they can link online education with traditional method. Within this scenario, there are several eLearning sites to provide the students with inspiring educational alternatives. So here are Top 5 eLearning Websites That Offer Students Inspiring Educational Alternatives;


This website is totally tailored and furnished to meet the ever-increasing demands of students, in the form of educational tutorials/videos.  From a student’s perspective, it is important to get everything fast so as to equip oneself competitive to head on the challenges in the new world. As youngsters are totally attracted towards social media and the same is the modern trend, one can see different tutorials related to TedEd on similar social networking platforms. Free access to this website, especially instant access to videos related to eLearning is an added advantage to the student community in general. One can listen to motivational speeches, videos related to different topics, and be the part of the revolutionary changes within eLearning.

Khan Academy

The next eLearning platform comes under discussion is Khan Academy. This web platform is not limited to the needs of students, but it extends to the unique needs of adults who are deeply interested in improving their skills. If one is interested in learning something, just sign in at Khan Academy and get instant access to valuable information tabulated in different subjects and themes. One can see that online education is becoming more and more self-paced and learner oriented added with interesting ideas to sustain the attention span and enthusiasm of the learner. Khan Academy suits the aforementioned characteristics of modern education aided with web oriented self-learning ideas.

W3 Schools

One can see that students are with differences in aptitude related to learning. Besides, some students grasp the essence of subject matters under discussion with ease and some others face the problem of learning difficulty. Within this scenario, teachers may not be able to provide students with individual attention, especially in classrooms consisting of large number of students. When this problem is superimposed into the context of computer science and related web designing, it is evident that there is a special eLearning website known as W3 Schools. Students can learn the basics of programming and web designing from this website. For example, there are several options for students starting from HTML to the latest trends like SQL. Students can make use this website as an e-platform to gain mastery over web designing, including participating in online tests and remedial teaching sessions. If they are ready to pay, they can have certification from the company and the same can be used to boost up future job opportunities.

Academic Earth

Proper and continuous education can help children to enjoy the benefits of modernity and to make use of the same as a tool to gain upward mobility within their future careers. There are several international organizations to promote globalization of education, especially by providing students from third world nations with educational opportunities. Within this scenario, e-platforms can help students to have glimpses of global trends and innovation in education. The eLearning platform named as Academic Earth is such a website aiming to help the best side of education in a global level. One can see that the motto of the masterminds behind this education oriented website is that students from any part of the world are with right to gain access to their website.


The above mentioned eLearning websites are based upon certain companies deeply interested in the universalization of education. Here, individual interest from the side of the teachers and student community is to be considered as the motivation behind the popularity and usefulness of these eLearning websites. On the other side, there are certain websites aiming to link eLearning with formal/traditional mode of education in general. The eLearning platform named as Coursera is one among the same with affiliation to universities and similar educational institutions. To be specific, this mode of e-learning links formal education with modern trends with official outlook. Students those who study in universities and similar institutions can have online account at this website and can gain access to the array of information tabulated under different subjects. Students can choose from different subjects and undergo online sessions of learning process. So, lack of educational alternatives is not a problem for students in the modern context, but the best possible way to make use of alternative educational options is to choose wisely by checking out the content area of each eLearning platform and choose the best.

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