Selling Online – How to Do it Effectively 
A few words about the online store. We are currently experiencing a boom for this type of sales channel. However, if you want to open such a store, you need to have the right budget, in addition to your goodwill. Store with 1,500 products compared to 25,000 is going to cost you a completely different… (0 comment)

9 Tips To Hire Laravel Developer For Your Web Project
Introduction of the framework is a blessing for the developers, as it has greatly simplified web application development. Laravel is one of the most popular open source framework written in PHP language, which has greatly simplified web development. Laravel was initially introduced in 2011 and it gained popularity due to its effective performance and simplified… (0 comment)

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Wix
There are numerous platforms through which you can create a website. Wix is one such platform. But many frown at Wix. Why? This article talks about those reasons to hate Wix. What is Wix? As mentioned above, Wix is a cloud-based service that allows the designing and building of your website without any prior coding… (0 comment)

How to Safely Migrate Your WordPress Blog from .com to .org
You’ve spent ample amount of time on, customizing it, creating creative and interesting content for your readers but then you realize that there’s a barrier that’s limiting you. As a beginner you don’t realize that doesn’t provide you with varieties as such but soon enough you realize that you need a self-hosted… (0 comment)

Top 10 Reasons to Hate WooCommerce
WooCommerce is among the top e-commerce platforms around the world and has quite a significant market share (21% in 2018). It’s easy to use, easy to manage and seems like a comprehensive solution for the e-commerce store owners. However, WooCommerce has some serious flaws that will make you think twice about using it for your… (0 comment)

Top 5 Card Game Development Company in India
Nowadays a lot of people love to play card games online, which gives an excellent chance to Card Game Development Company to generate revenue for their business. Nowadays Card game developers are attempting to change your vision and dream into reality for such beautiful games. They have concocted inventive methods for plotting out the game… (0 comment)