App Development Made Easier with WordPress!

App Development Made Easier with WordPress!
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The popularity of WordPress is progressively increasing like a house on fire. Be it themes or plugins– every component is designed keeping needs of modern mobile generation for the attractive-looking yet truly functional interface. In addition to that, you can explore through the myriad range of premium, custom or free options available depending on your business preferences and budget. The ultimate reason behind increasing popularity is that the person doesn’t need to be a programming or coding expert to work with WordPress.

App Development Made Easier with WordPress!

In today’s scenario when more and more people tend to look at their smart phone for a major share of daily activities including reading, shopping, entertainment, games, health care etc, no business wants to miss on the opportunity to reach the maximum potential audience through easy-to-use apps. Due to cut throat competition, there is a lot of pressure on businesses as well to come up with highly functional apps before their competitors do. WordPress often appears to be the best option to go for in order to produce stunning yet practical apps quickly.

Just like tools for web application development, there are numerous efficient tools for the mobile app development available in the WordPress. Listing down some most commonly preferable tools

1)   Apps Builder

If you have very little or no technical expertise, Apps builder is perfect to go for designing your own mobile app. This efficient tool won’t need a large amount of investment and offers a simplified medium for designing apps, reducing the go-to-market time-frame so that you don’t need to suffer in terms of business. Building cross-platform apps is as easy as few clicks. You can choose from a range of fully customisable layouts and can deliver the market goals within target time limit. Hence, if you also need to yield ready-to-publish apps, this easy-to-use tool is for you.

With Apps Builder, you can easily integrate your social media platforms, website or blog, eCommerce shopping carts and even the analytic, monetisation and marketing platforms so to generate more revenues without fail. It won’t be wrong to call Apps Builder a scalable solution for growth of businesses over an app.

2)   App Presser

App Presser works in a similar manner that a website builder does. It makes use of plugins and themes. You can manage your app as well as website simultaneously – every time you make a change to your website, the changes will automatically reflect in your app. Even if you are developer having no previous experience in app building, you won’t find it hard to access. Integrate just about everything in your app like pages, media, login, posts, custom plugins, payments, and create your customised application within no time.

3)   MobinCube

If you want to create you app with personalised functionalities, MobinCube is a perfect solution to opt for. App creation has made easier with no coding expertise required and that too within fraction of minutes even less than the time you need to cook your favourite recipe. You can build almost any kind of app ranging from home to health, entertainment to games, business to educational, and much more in a matter of few clicks through Mobincube.

The visual interface of MobinCube makes designing apps as easy as pie- you just need to drag and drop, click, copy and paste your selected elements. Make the maximum out of the advanced features like online shop, monetization, design, push notifications, navigation bars, Google maps, source code, audio & video, embed web, databases, remote content, Google analytics that MobinCube offers. Therefore, experience an absolute level of customisation with this highly flexible tool. Get on with your template selection and modify any aspect for which you have the better idea. Moreover, there isn’t any download limit.

Therefore, don’t let app unavailability spoil your business image and get your app today using any of the above-mentioned tools.

Author Bio: Macy Jones, the author, is currently working with App Xperts – a firm into app development Melbourne. Staying up-to-date with evolving market trends help her to boost her skills to the next level, setting new milestones in her niche.

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  • Awesome blog. Gives some ideas related to word press and App development. Thanks for sharing these valuable information.

  • This list is surely helpful. Such plugins are much easier to use and save costs too. There are many plugins that can convert a WordPress site to an Android app. I am Vice President at Enterprise Monkey, Geelong, Australia. Enterprise Monkey provides smarter digital solutions that automate revenue generation and save costs for SMEs and Not-for-Profits.
    Uzair khan // Vice President, http://www.enterprisemonkey.com.au


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