AI To Drive Most of Ecommerce Trends Up Next

AI To Drive Most of Ecommerce Trends Up Next
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Expect AI to hit every industry vertical in the course of next 5 years. While ecommerce, healthcare and automotive are early gainers, lifestyle, construction, agriculture and other verticals are going to be tapped next.  

Most technology driven industries are booming and it would be virtually impossible to manage them personally, meaning humans helping humans.

Ecommerce or m-commerce market, call it whatever you like, is going to have over 2.14 billion customers by 2021, predicts Statista.  

Notably, we have seen companies failing miserably, when they tried ignoring one of the two platforms. Both web and mobile are equally imperative for the success of your online business.

Though we have more number of users accessing internet on mobile devices these days, there is still some time before we completely say goodbye to desktops.

AI is still in the initial phase but experts predict it to be a complete game changer. This is apparently due to a couple of reasons –  

  1. Customers are naive. They cannot predict what is going to improve their experience. Chatbots and virtual assistants would be a welcome change for them.

Soon they would realize how they have been able to save on time and improve their shopping experience.

  1. Businesses would be able to simplify and in turn expand their operations. An ecommerce transaction is perhaps the most intricate of all, especially because it has multiple touch points.

From order confirmation, to verifying address and payment, and finally processing and delivery, it is one tedious process.

Al will make the entire transaction small and easier. This means businesses will have more time to focus on marketing and sales, which remains a continuous challenge all their life.

See this wonderful infographic on AI impacted m-commerce trends that are going to be very common in the days to come.

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