Advantages of using WordPress

Advantages of using WordPress
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Being ubiquitous is an important aspect of your business. And why not, after all, people can access you communicate with you anytime as per their convenience. There are websites for every other business be it an eating joint or for online shopping or renting/buying properties and so on. Apart from the exchange of commodities, you can use WordPress to express your views and opinions as many people are taking home five figure salary home merely by putting up a blogging site. You can follow their footsteps too but there are certain aspects that you should consider before having the benefits of web development.

This generation has seen a drastic change in the technology whether it is mobile sector or website. Everything is right at our fingertips and organizations and individuals are now focusing on web development services to get their message loud and clear. But it is of sheer importance in choosing a reliable platform before stepping into the online world.

There are various Content Management Systems (CMS) available for developing a unique website and WordPress being the most popular and widely used, is simple enough for even a layman to use it striking a balance between cost, design and a free website yet giving your site the professional look. And someone who doesn’t have the time to set it up themselves can have somebody build it for them for about hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Through this article, I’ll be highlighting pointers that why you should invest in WordPress development services and to see why it is the right choice for you.

Advantages of using WordPress

  1. Installation:

What if I tell you that developing a website is a piece of cake. Would you believe me? Well, if you choose WordPress, as it is quite simple to install and use. Most people look for a CMS that is simple and fast. With its 5 minute installation, it is easy to install and start working instantly. Moreover, when compared with other CMS WordPress is easiest to install. It doesn’t matter which operating system you use, it has no compatibility issue and if you face any issue, there are a wide range of troubleshooting options to help you to eliminate such issue.

  1. WordPress forums:
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As mentioned in the above point that there is a wide range of troubleshooting options available plus it has a vast community of developers. If you face any issue or having trouble with anything, you can seek help on these forums as many developers and individuals are there to help you. Moreover, there are blogs, articles, step by step tutorials, troubleshooting steps, detailed posts in getting familiar with this platform. There are huge amounts of support resources available and by searching WP support forums and you’ll sure find the solutions.

Social media integration:

Social media gives your business more exposure and adds depth to it and when integrating your site with it can drive in more traffic and more revenue. There are many WordPress social media plugins that you can combine it with your site and turn your WordPress into a fully functional custom social network and gain new customers.

Easy to update:

One of the advantages that make WordPress popular is the ease of updating it. You can easily create content and publish it on your WordPress site. Once you setup, you can easily modify and update it anytime you want without affecting its functionality or the layout and that’s important for user engagement and search engines.

Plugins add tons of functions:

Plugins let you extend the functionality of your WordPress website without having to code a single line of code. WordPress has more than 45,000 plugins to choose from and to help you with any type of functionality. Like social media integration, SEO, analyzing the site’s performance, backing up the site and much more.


A unique and eye-catching layout are imperative to have a great way to start. The layout of the site consists of themes, images, color, page format, content etc. Other CMS offer different themes but WordPress offers a variegated range of themes and plugins to choose from. You can use pre-defined design templates and adjust the themes or can create your own customized themes. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you.

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WordPress is updated frequently and contents tend to be structured and organized well and are constantly being published with appropriate keywords and it has quality backlinks making your site rank higher on search engines. Because of these reasons, WordPress sites rank quickly compared with other static websites. You would be astonished to know that WordPress related keywords score 37 million searches per month.

  1. Easy for novices:

You don’t need to hire a professional developer or designer to build a WordPress site. You don’t need to be a professional or to learn HTML to make your way around as WordPress makes the process of managing and updating your site quite easy. Just give it some time and soon you’ll figure out everything and learn to use it to best suit your website needs.

Bringing it all together:

You now know the advantages of WordPress and there’s no point why you shouldn’t use it. WordPress has a simple interface and you don’t need any technical knowledge or any familiarity with the programming language, just devoting some time and efforts, you’ll unlock all its aspect and start using it for creating and running your website.

Last but not least, there are some notable WordPress websites like CNN’s blogs are built on WordPress. The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The New Yorker, BBC America, MTV News and much more. So, if these websites are running on WordPress so can yours.

Author Bio:

Emily Smith is an ed-tech enthusiast and has been associated with CWS Technology as a writer for more than 7 Years. CWS is the best web development company that provides all IT solutions. Emily has a passion for writing on emerging technologies like application management outsourcing, consulting, system integration etc.