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9 Tips To Hire Laravel Developer For Your Web Project

9 Tips To Hire Laravel Developer For Your Web Project
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The introduction of the framework is a blessing for the developers, as it has greatly simplified web application development. Laravel is one of the most popular open-source framework written in PHP language, which has greatly simplified web development.

Laravel was initially introduced in 2011 and it gained popularity due to its effective performance and simplified coding syntax. Well if you are a Laravel developer then you might already know that PHP is the most popular platform for the development of any kind of website. This makes Laravel a more demanding framework.

Well is a highly capable tool when it comes to handling big projects. However, it’s not just the potential of the framework that helps in building an interactive web application, the potential of the developer also matters. So if you want your website to be as good as it can be then you might wanna consider hiring a Laravel developer. So, here are the best 9 tips to hire Laravel developer for your web project.

Technical Knowledge

Well if you are hiring someone who does not have the required knowledge or the expertise with Laravel framework, then you better do it yourself. Like we said before Laravel is a combination of multiple tools written in PHP language that are stored together. A newbie is not apt to optimize this framework properly. So it is important that you test your Laravel developers’ technical knowledge properly before hiring them. Also, your developer must be aware of new industry trends, if not then you might be left with a plain old and unattractive website which would do you no good.

Have Face To Face Conversation

You might not consider this important. However, it is important to have a personal or face to face conversation with your developer once. Your relationship as a client with your Laravel developer can affect your website. If your developer is experienced, then he/she is sure to ask you about your preference instead of just working on the project alone. After all, it’s your website.

So when you meet your Laravel developer discuss your preferences technologies, business strategy, and purpose, and also let them know if you have any specific requirements for your web application. If he/she seems not to care, then you might want to reconsider hiring him/her.

Dedication Toward His Work

Dedication towards their work is important for any developer. They must never hesitate and have the capacity to handle the project skillfully and also rework on it whenever changes are required

Have A Look At Their Portfolio

Looking at a developer’s portfolio is like taking a peek into their work history. Examine the performance of the developer through his or her work history. Also, check if they have any projects online that are similar to yours. If he or she has worked for any similar projects then chances are you won’t need to explain a lot about your preferences. They are capable of building your project as per the industry standards.


Well in most industries the quality of the work decides its value. The same is true for this industry, the more capable and experienced the developer the more you have to pay him. Freelance Laravel developers can be opted for as they can are easy to mingle and manage with your needs. Always brief them about the project and discuss the quotation and price. Well if your specified budget does not allow you to hire an experienced and a professional Laravel web developer then you go for an inexperienced genius.

Go For Off Shore developers

In most cases, it is better to hire an offshore developer than an onshore developer. The reason being the higher amount asked out for by the onshore developers. Watch out for offshore companies which can provide you offshore Laravel developers at a reasonable cost.


This is important never to go with a vocal agreement, this could leave you with unavoidable problems and damages. So always get a sign on an agreement, specifying your terms of hiring and ensure the developer is comfortable with given excellence.

• They should explain the process of work to you
• Should be experienced enough to give you a rough sketch of the required time and cost estimation.
• Should be aware of the new developments in the Laravel framework with a thorough experience in PHP coding.
• Should be capable of showing examples of their work


While hiring a Laravel developer their experience defines their journey as a developer and also their future performance. Experienced developers have a fair idea of work pressures, work cultures, and work ethics. They are easy to work with, so look for an experienced developer.

Ask For Samples

Before hiring a Laravel developer ask them out for their previous work record, also a sample of creative work they had done with Laravel. This would give you a great idea as what is to be expected from the person.

It becomes a crucial step if you are going for an offshore developer. Their samples will tell you about their work quality, creativity, efficiency, etc.

Author Bio: Alex Jone Works in a HR and Recruitment at Alliance Recruitment Agency- an IT Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping with international recruiting, staffing, hire laravel programmers, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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