8 Reasons Why Future of Magento in USA is Secure?

8 Reasons Why Future of Magento in USA is Secure?
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When it comes to selling your stuff online, Magento is no stranger. From footwear and garments such as Nike to luxury and sports cars such as Ford, Magento is dominating the e-commerce sector with thousands of online stores in its fold.

History of Magento

A US private company Varien Inc. originally owned Magento and released its first version on March 31, 2008. Even though the first copy was still in its infancy, it got hold of several companies before it was sold to eBay that made it into the marvel we see today. The USA is not the only birthplace of Magento but also holds the largest percentage of stores using it. According to the statistics published by aheadWorks in May 2015, nearly 50% of Magento market is owned by USA companies followed by the UK at 10%.

But aside from the fact Magento was born and bred in the USA, there are numerous other reasons as well that suggest why American market opted for Magento, but not other e-commerce platforms that were there as well. There are several other needs in case of the new challenge presented by the auction module in FMA. This will allow the changes to take action before anything has been introduced.

  1. Royalty

Among the leading factors why Magento seems to be winning the race in the American market is the royalty feel that it exhibits towards its clients. Many e-commerce platforms evolved from startups, CMS platforms and business solutions to full fledge shopping carts, whereas Magento was developed to produce online stores that can be easily ranked for acquiring status and authority in the e-commerce medium. It gives customers the experience of being part of something big with American roots, producing a sense of belonging.

  1. Magento 2.0

With the recent upgrades and development improvements in the code, Magento has finally given it all by releasing Magento 2. Unlike most platforms still clinging to their older versions and pushing their clients to use them, Magento has made a major upgrade on its security, speed and user experience – every important reason any US company would find investing in. This means better, engagement, easier navigation, an increase in conversions and ultimately, a rise in business revenues.

  1. Extensions

Many businesses in the US build online stores to qualify the needs of different customer groups belonging to different economic tiers and backgrounds. Magento offers unlimited website solutions to cater the needs of such consumer groups through its vast library of extensions such as ‘Shop by Manufacturers’, ‘Frequently Bought Together’, ‘Magento Auction’ and ‘Sort by Customer Groups’ functions which you can add to your online stores. It’s a highly flexible platform to mold for every unique need.

  1. Open Source Ecommerce Platform

The customization features of Magento are highly valued by the American clients. Magento is available in two different versions, the Community (free) and the Enterprise (paid). The source code in both the editions can be easily modified and customized to fit the needs of any company. American stores demand spontaneous modifications every here in there due to their versatile customer base and being an open source platform, Magento makes it extremely easy for developers to change its code. This is the primary reason why Magento has been a flourishing industry for the past 2 years in the USA.

  1. Community Support

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Magento focused on building a spotless reputation for its community. With already a booming number of Magneto stores around the globe, Magento has an infallible support assigned to help its community whenever in need. From tickets, queries, quotes, chat and other communication channels, Magento teams are always on the alert to provide every possible support for to the Community. Evident from the positive reviews and testimonials of Magento users in the USA, it no surprise that the numbers keep on increasing.

  1. Multiple Stores

Many multinational businesses in the USA require fronts to target their regional customers. This requires Geo-location, currency and language compatibility within the platform. Magento allows store owners to create multiple stores and manage their billing, updates, customer records and inventory etc from a single admin panel. This is among the cardinal factors why American commerce is attracted to Magento.

  1. SEO Features

One thing US companies are highly valued and readily invest in is ‘SEO’. Magento has built in SEO features that are more than enough to support your marketing campaigns and strategies. This includes all the options and functionalities required for mapping URLS, Sitemaps, Meta Descriptions, Meta Tags and Key Words etc on

  1. Mobile Responsive

With the rising percentage of mobile internet users in the USA, it only logical that your online store must be equipped with all the necessary gear for a responsive website. With the release of Magento 2.0, the platform is now completely mobile friendly. This means Magento stores can be opened with full scalability on almost every screen size, from desktops to smartphones. This gives Magento an extra edge against other platforms that need customizations and upgrades to become mobile friendly.

Author Bio: Paul Simmons do PHP development at FMEaddons

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