7 Strategies to Deal With Negative Feedback on Social Media Channels

7 Strategies to Deal With Negative Feedback on Social Media Channels
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Contemplate a situation when one fine morning, as you wake up and have a look at the Facebook account of your business you are utterly shocked to come across quite an offensive comment.

You start feeling bad and keep introspecting about how it all went wrong. Well! Hovering on the past is not going to give you any results. The thing that is vital is to devise what steps you should take to make it right.
The client who has posted it can be quite upset and there is a chance that he or she has posted an offensive complaint just to let you and your company people know that he or she is angry.

Or it can also happen that it is just a simple complaint. What is important is to find out the right way of dealing with such issues.
The steps that you take for dealing with this are of pivotal importance. They will decide whether you will be able to retain your present customer and gain many more or lose him or her and in the process tarnish the reputation of your company to a great extent.

Below are enlisted some of the strategies in order to deal with the negative feedbacks on the social media channels.
Identifying and Understanding the Type of Feedback – It is very important to understand the type of feedback that has come in.

This will help you to respond to it effectively and take the necessary action. Broadly speaking there are four main types of feedback
Constructive – An effective suggestion that helps you to take the right actions in future.
Pressing – Something that calls for your immediate actions like issue in generating feedback form
Spam – These are generally promoted feedbacks and should be deleted immediately
Disgruntled – These are those where the customers post something really offensive as they are really upset.

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Most often, such customers cannot be reasoned with and you should just apologise and move on

Responding to the Customer is of Primary Significance – Even if it is the most offensive post it is essential that you respond to it.

Ignoring the post can make your fans who come across it, also feel that you are deliberately not responding to such a complaint and your business has no concern of what the customers have to say. This can turn out to be quite detrimental for your business.

Be Understanding and Patient – You should always put yourself in the customer shoes and then respond to the post. Certain things may seem to be extremely basic and you may be surprised to know that your client is not aware of that.

But they can be novice as they do not have so much access to the industry and its products like you do. So you must lend a patient ear to them.

Try to Contact the Customer Privately – Sending personal emails or messages to the customer not only adds a personal touch but also lets the customer know that you are sorry and will leave no stones unturned to solve the issue for them. This opens up more options to address the issue personally.

Try to Persuade the Customer to Remove the Post – Once you have solved the issue with the customer and the irate client has once again turned into a happy customer you can go for this. Since your social media web page is an integral part of your business reputation there is no harm in asking the client to remove the negative comment. This way you can retain the goodwill of your company.

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Let Your Fans Do the Talking – Once you start practising the above steps and have supported your fans by answering questions and addressing their problems, you will find that after sometime your community starts responding and helping each other out.

This is something that is coveted by every company and you should allow them to do it. This is something that you have achieved by nurturing your community.

Availing the Last Resort and Banning the Customer – This is obviously the last resort as said.

If you find that a client is being constantly hostile, not receiving any support that you are extending and has been the source of initiating argument on your social media page you should consider banning him.
The above are some of essential steps that you should take to deal with negative feedbacks on your social media page.

This will help the social media marketing of your business achieve success and get the desired results that you have always craved for.