5 Must Have Paid Add-ons for ExpressionEngine

5 Must Have Paid Add-ons for ExpressionEngine
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There is no doubt that over the years ExpressionEngine has emerged as one of the best content management system, that allow website designer and developers to create stunning websites. In order to create splendid websites, it’s important that the content management system used is sufficiently equipped with useful features and EX rightly falls within this category. This particular CMS with number of add-ons allow web designers/developers to streamline the content creation process, which eventually helps them in developing phenomenal websites quickly.

EX, which is developed by EllisLab, Inc., (an Oregon, US-based company) is tremendously common among business firms and individual users when it comes to content creation and its management. In short, it is one of the best application that can fulfill all of your content management related requirements with utmost ease and on top of that allows you to have highly productive as well as constructive websites which can drive business.

In order to create user-friendly websites, it is important to use the CMS with additional add-ons. Some of the best paid add-ons for ExpresionEngine are listed below.

1. Playa


Playa is one of the most important paid add-ons, which can be used with ExpressionEngine in order to create high-end associations or relationships between entries. Earlier, the users of EX were allowed to use only one relationship per custom field. In simple terms, the relationship fields of this CMS allowed you to have one relationship per custom field. For example, if you need 3 associated products, you must be having 3 fields for them.

However, after installing Playa, you can have more than one relationship (multiple relationships) per field. On top of that with its assistance, you can reap the benefits of advanced filtering.

2. Matrix


Matrix is another important EX add-on, which can be used for simplifying content creation. In other words, it is nothing but a field type which can be used for easily adding numerous rows of the same content in the absence of duplicate fields.

If in case you have to develop a custom field which requires images, title, link text, link URL, and caption, you can do that conveniently with the support of Matrix. In addition to that, as per requirement, the admin can create numerous hero messages.

This highly imperative add-on would cost you somewhere around $45 per site. However, when it comes to developer license, there is absolutely no option for it.

3. CE image

CE image, which has been developed by an American Web Design and ExpressionEngine Development company causing effect, is one of the best EX add-on for manipulating images. Once this plugin is effectively installed by users they can easily edit the images as per their requirement. For example, if an administrator has uploaded an image but wants to crop it creatively, it can be done swiftly with CE image.

In addition to that, it can also be optimized by web designers for –

  • Bulk resize of images
  • To include watermarks on the images
  • And to add blur effects in the images

This EX extension is priced at only $22 and is generally purchased on a per-site basis.

4. Wygwam


Wygwam is nothing but a highly advanced yet user-friendly text editor, which is based on CK Editor. Web designers can conveniently use this module with ExpressionEngine when it comes to altering toolbar layouts. That means XML and CSS files can be rewritten by web designers in order to get the desired results. It has a good compatibility with EX’s file manager as well as Assets.

If we talk about its per-site cost, Wygwam is priced at only $29.

5. Freedom

Freedom plug-in, designed by Eric Miller Design is again an important add-on that can be optimized by users for managing the websites created with ExpressionEngine. This unique and flexible email form creation and management system can help you send emails from your website.

The above mentioned are only some of the important add-ons, which can be used by users for swiftly managing the websites developed through EX.

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