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15 Software Development Tools that Rule in 2020

15 Software Development Tools that Rule in 2020
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The software development industry has grown up from the toddler to the fully-grown adult within a few years. The tough coding pattern is no longer part of the software development and been replaced with the easy to learn and comprehensible language.

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These languages are more capable and competitively work against adaptive devices. The mobile phones are more powerful now and faster. To combat the increasing demand, software are also adapting the changes.

Among the number of software development tools, few are very popular. All due to their convenience to work with the varied technology and the set of features that make them suitable for the futuristic software development strategies.

Here are few custom software development tools with the following categories, which are ruling in 2020. 

  1. Linx
  2. Buddy
  3. Net Beans
  4. Cloud 9 IDE
  5. Zend Studio
  6. Atom
  7. SAA
  8. Codelobster
  9. CodeCharge Studio
  10. Bootstrap
  11. Bootstrap
  12. Microsoft Azure
  13. Data Studio:
  14. GitHub
  15. Codenvy


Linx is a very famous and old low code Integrated Development Environment and server. Linx is the favored tool of IT professionals, for the automated business process development and application integration. It is widely used for exposing web services and handling high workloads.


  • Intuitive Drag and Drop functionality.
  • More than 100 prebuilt functions for rapid app development services.
  • IDE for the deployment to the remote and local servers with just one click.
  • Input and Output functionality for SQL and NoSql database, Text and binary files, and Rest and Soap Web services.
  • Live debugging.
  • Backend processes can be automated via a timer, directory events/messages queues or
  • APIs can be called via https requests.


Buddy is a famous Continuous Integration and Continuous Development tool, used by designers for easing out the entry to DevOps. The tool use delivery pipelines for building testing and deploying the software. The pipelines comprise of more than 100 ready to use actions, which are arranged in a way like the house of bricks.


  • Configuration takes hardly 15 minutes.
  • Faster Deployments.
  • Developers can run the builds in isolated containers.
  • Support for all prevalent languages, and task managers.
  • Docker and Kubernetes’ actions.
  • AWS, Digital Ocean, Google, Shopify, Azure and wordpress integration are available.
  • Also great support for YAML configuration and parallelism.

Net Beansnet beans

Net Beans is an old and popular, free open-source Integrated Development environment tool for custom software development. The tool is used for the development of desktop, mobile and web applications.


  • Smart code editing function and fast processing.
  • Easy to use and capable of the Project management process.
  • Rapid UI development.
  • Bug-free code writing is easy.
  • Superior support for C and C++. PHP developers also get superb functionality.
  • The tools run over every platform that supports Java.
  • Windows, Linux, MAC OS X systems are supported.

Cloud 9 IDEcloud 9 ide

Cloud9 IDE is an online IDE supporting several popular programming languages such as C, C++. JAVA, Php, Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and Node.js.


  • Cloning the entire Development Environment is easy.
  • Command-line Wizard has a built-in terminal.
  • Coding Assistance with Code Completion suggestions. It makes coding faster and avoids typos.

Zend Studiozend studio

The next-generation PHP Integrated Development Environment Zend Studio is created for boosting software product development services’ productivity. The tool eases the fast coding and the debugging becomes easier. The tools can be scaled as per the DPI setting of the platform upon which it is working.


  • Performance improvement with features such as validation and indexing.
  • Splendid debugging capabilities with Z-Ray integration Debug, and Zend Debugger.
  • Large Eclipse supported plugin.
  • Supports development tools such as Docker.
  • Easy deployment of PHP app to Amazon AWS and Azure.


The powerful all-rounder text editor Atom is fully free available and open source tools. The tool allows customizing for anything, without the need for config file modification.


  • Easily operable over multiple platforms such as OS X, Windows, and Linux.
  • Faster code writing with smart and flexible coding assistance.
  • The developer can open the whole project or number of projects in a single window.
  • Splitting the Atom interface is easier. It can be split into multiple panes and editing the code across files is easier.
  • The developer can find and replace the text type for custom web development.


SAA is the cloud-based custom software development tool. SAA stands for Spiralogics Application Architecture, which allows the user to build and customize the app online and for the deployment. The developer can also choose from the prebuilt applications and customize the application from scratch.


  • Easy custom page development
  • Built-in editor for HTML codes.
  • An interactive dashboard building is easier.
  • Also, the developer can view the changes in the app before publishing.
  • Preview Changes before publishing the application
  • Save, Accept, Delete and Email processes.
  • The look and feel of the pages are customizable.
  • Custom process development.


The prevalent tool simplifies the PHP software product development process. It supports CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, and Magento.


  • Code highlighting for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Auto-completion for tags, current tag attributes ad Closing tags are auto-enabled.
  • Custom web development is easier with Inspector for finding the HTML elements and their styles.
  • Style property name and value assistance.
  • Auto-completion for keywords, properties, and DOM elements.
  • PHP code auto-completion.

CodeCharge Studiocode charge studio

This tool offers the fastest custom application-building environment. Whether your requirement is data-driven custom web development or the enterprise internet systems, CodeCharge Studio helps in fast development.


  • Consistent and well-structured code writing is easy. Errors and misspellings are avoided by code assistance.
  • Time-consuming programming tasks are eliminated and the scalable robust web application development is easy.
  • Any database can be converted into a web application within very less time.
  • You can modify the generated code and learn web technology.


One of the most famous responsive frameworks for development tasks involving HTML and CSS. If you are hiring a software developer, you will certainly be opting for bootstrap for your varying web development needs. The tool offers many inbuilt components, which are used with the drag and drop features for responsive page assembling.


  • Utilization of readymade block code block.
  • Project consistency.
  • List of components.
  • HTML elements are given base styling.
  • Customizable as per the need of the project.


It is a widely used software development tool. Kwatee Agile Deployment is capable of automating the microservices and apps to any number of servers. Kwatee entirely automates the binary file deployment and text file deployment from any number of servers.


  • You can set the environment-specific configuration for your project development.
  • Command-line installers can be generated for deployment environments.
  • It eliminates the installation and configuration need.
  • Less operational risks.
  • Friendly web interface for a painless and efficient deployment configuration.
  • Support of wide range of OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris, etc

Microsoft Azureazure

It is a famous Cloud tool for build, deployment, and management of web apps.


  • There is wide support for the operating system, programming languages, and devices.
  • App development is easy and quick.
  • Easy detection and mitigation of threats.
  • Support from the most trusted cloud.
  • Proactive app management and seamless mobile app deliverance.

Data Studiodata studio

The platform is widely used by data scientists and engineers. The collaborative data science platform enables the exploration, prototyping, building, and deliverance of data products.


  • Visual data profiling at every stage.
  • More than 80 built-in functions for preparing, enriching and cleaning the data.
  • The whole workflow is bundled as a deployable package unit for empowering real-time data prediction.
  • The developer can build and optimize the model in R language and Python languages.
  • Integration of external Machine learning libraries via code APIs.


The most popular and widely used version management system is used by developers to review code, manage the projects and build software. The tool offers the appropriate tool for different tasks.


  • Project management tool for easy coordination, and right alignment.
  • Quality editing with easy documentation.
  • Store all codes in a single place with multiple versions.
  • Hosting the documentation directly from repositories is easier.


The tool automates the application to any number of servers. The deployment of text files and binary files are easily possible from n target servers.


  • Environment specific configuration parameter.
  • Command-line installers can be generated for the deployment over any environment.
  • The software development tool decimates the need for configuration and installation.
  • It takes out operational risk in the software development process.
  • Support for a wide number of platforms.


The development tools daily adapt to some change of the ever-increasing technology. Above are the few most popular tools of the software industry. The choice of tool entirely depends on the developer and if you are looking to hire a software developer, remember to purchase the tool of his choice. Every developer is comfortable with a certain tool. Therefore, it is recommendable to purchase thereafter.

Author Bio: Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking custom software development company.

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