10 Ways You Can Share Videos to Earn Money, Popularity and Customers

10 Ways You Can Share Videos to Earn Money, Popularity and Customers
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Make Money Online! Isn’t it a very usual phrase these days you come across whenever you see a website, newspaper or pamphlet. A plethora of ways could be boring or a complex or short term. But there could be a few interesting ways that can actually let you make money online. The only thing you need is a video editing skill and unique video making ideas.

If you are thinking of video blogging or creating Vlogs, you got it right. Yes! Apart from forum posting, blogging, logo designing and freelance writing, you can also earn good with video sharing. It is not only a way that can let you earn more, but also let you earn quick. The reason being, you get viewers quickly if it is a video in contrast to readers of a blog/article/text. Once your video gets viral, you and video streaming website can both earn popularity and revenue.

Excited to start video sharing? Ok! Before you jump into the world of video blogging or video sharing, ask yourself, what exactly is video sharing, what is its principle model and what sites can bring you a good revenue. If you are able to answer all of them, Thumbs Up! And, if not, we are going to help you understanding from scratch.

Video Sharing – What, How and Where?

Video sharing for making money is not just about sharing the video on a video submission website, but it is an optimization of a video such that it ranks on the top among other search results. Now, if you are thinking, how does a video optimization can help you get ranking, we will explain it further.

And, the principle on which the video sharing websites works is, revenue sharing or PPV. Here, revenue sharing means offering a place for a video, running advertisements on it and sharing the advertisement revenue. On other hand, PPV refers to generating the revenue when the views are maximum.

Now, comes where to share videos to reach the goal. YouTube, Dailymotion and Break are a few websites where you can publish, however, there are many more which can drive you traffic and ultimately, a good revenue.

Next, we are going to discuss the essence you should add to get the complete flavor of success from your video.

#1: Rule Social Media Channels

social media

There are thousands of video streaming all around these days. So, the content of your video should be so exciting such that it can bring you immense viewers and popularity.

#2: Build Links

Link Building

Add the link to your website or mention about the link of your website within the video, so that the viewer visits and know about your product.

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#3: Embrace Conversions

There are two ways you can increase the conversion rate. Either you can make the video, so inviting that viewer visits your website and pay for your product. Other way is, you can add video on your landing page such that visitor visits your website and doesn’t leaves the page without browsing it completely.

#4: Organize Your Videos

organize videos

Always publish your videos under a relevant category, so that if a visitor gets back to your particular video, he/she could find it easily.

#5: Choose a Meaningful Channel Name

channel name

Remember, your channel name will reflect your services and quality of service. This is why, you should always choose a meaningful yet attention grabbing name for your channel.

#6: Share Self-Defining Videos

The title of your video should be defining such that the viewer understands and view your video, if he/she is looking for the same.

#7: Post Quality Not Quantity

post quality not quentity

Publishing videos frequently will not bring you enough audience; instead they will unsubscribe you, if they find your videos boring. This is why; you should work on your videos taking sufficient time before posting them.

#8: Like and Subscribe

like subscribe

Following your competitors will not give them a count of subscribers, instead it will help finding out what’s trending and unique ideas.

#9: Promote, Analyze and Improve

Never leave a chance to share your videos and for this you can share every new link among your existing customers, friends and connections. Also, it would be helpful for you to analyze the number of viewers, age-group, ad performance and minutes watched. This will let you improve your next video.

#10: Monetize the Videos

monetize video

This is the most prominent thing out of all. Monetizing a video is allowing the video sharing website to place ad within your video and declaring that there is no copyrighted content within your video.

Now, when you have learned how videos sharing can make you earn money. Let us suggest you a few websites that have made immense users to earn good.

Top Video Sharing Websites

YouTube has been one of the widely popular video sharing websites all over the world. Gaining the 3rd rank globally as the most popular website, YouTube has raised hundreds of heads as online celebrities.


If you have also got the talent in your veins, start shooting yourself and upload the one on YouTube which allows 11 hours of upload maximum, but not exceeding 128 GB in size. You can share your video in different formats like DivX, .avi, .ogv, .mkv, .ogg, .mov, .flv, .mp4 and many more. Also, you can annotate your videos by adding additional information about your video.

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Offering the users a platform to upload, 2 GB of videos with length limit of 100 minutes, Dailymotion is one of the video sharing website. You can view, upload and share videos.


The website allows registered users to earn a good revenue by in-video advertisements, monetization and paid content. Using the website, you can also target the regional audience as the website is popular in areas like Europe and France.

If you hold a good skill as a music artist, you can get a major label at VEVO. All you need to get started is by creating a premium channel and start uploading your videos. Keep in mind, that you upload regular videos to your channel, so that your viewers can get bounded in a loop.


Though the website is available only in United States, Canada and United Kingdom, but it is made accessible across 200 countries as it holds a partnership with YouTube.

You may have come across a plethora of websites that allows you to upload videos, but simultaneously they add advertisements to your video, either in the beginning or in-between. Here, Vimeo beats them all allowing the users to upload ads free HD videos with upload limit of 500 MB per week for Basic free plans and this limit exceeds when you take a paid membership.


If you are a gamer, Twitch.tv serves you a great platform. It is basically a website where you can stream video games at the maximum bit rate of 3500. With its excellent concept for gamers, it has approximately, 11,000 partnered video creators on the web.


Twitch Turbo is another network that allows users to view and stream videos without any ads. The best part of the website is, it lets the user to become partner, if the content creator is having over 100,000+ subscribers and over 15,000 views on each video.

In A Nutshell

Video sharing can bring you the target audience, if done correctly. The reason being, videos are conveying the messages with more impact and leveraging the viewers to get the message conveniently. So, before you start video sharing for making money, mark the above points to your strategy.

Author Bio: Priya kapoor is an experienced Technical Writer at SEO Service Delhi, which is a specialized SEO Company in Delhi and providing top-notch SEO services to help businesses get higher ranking on search engines. She is enthusiastic about writing quality and interactive articles/blog posts related to online business promotion.