10 SEO Tips to Improve WordPress Website Visibility

10 SEO Tips to Improve WordPress Website Visibility
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If you have a WordPress website and it is quite good, you will not want the website to be unnoticed for long. You will be sharing the website on your social media to get some coverage. However, one of the major things in the Internet industry is Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other famous search engines which do quite well job when it comes to spreading new websites.

Google, Bing, Yahoo will not be looking over to the portfolio or the theme of the website, but they will indeed look at the Search Engine Optimization, which you will do on the website. The major things in SEO are ALT tags, Meta tag, titles and keywords. If you will use these annoying things, you will be able to increase Visibility of your WordPress Website. Let us first have a look on what exactly does Search Engine Optimization means:

Search Engine Optimization

This is the process of influencing search engines to increase your ranking in their list, which will result in an improved volume of traffic on the website. This is the natural traffic that a website gets. Usually people searching for some query on the first page or max to max on the 2nd and 3rd page on search engines, hence if you need your website to be noticed then you will need to do a proper Search Engine Optimization of the website, which will help you to get your website much above than where currently it is.

Let’s take a look at the ten SEO tips, which will help you to Improve your WordPress Website Visibility:

1. Content is King:

Google is the most trusted search engine in the world. The search engine always shows you the most relevant content, and the most helpful content for the keyword. Hence, if you are writing SEO based content you will need to have the best content which is nicely readable. One can understand the content easily without any issue. Google always promotes the easy to read and high quality content.

2. Exchange Backlinks:

Backlink and interlinking is most important. You must interlink all your relevant pages so the visitor can easily get all the things he/she is searching for. With a backlink, you must get high-authority website linked to your relevant pages. It will improve your page authority and hence you will get a better audience.

3. Naming Convention for Images:

Google draws images in the ranking list. We must not use the naming scheme like PSC34652.jpg. Instead, we must use Maruti-Suzuki-Kizashi.jpg if we are writing about the Maruti Suzuki Kizashi and it will be much better ranked than the past naming scheme. Always remember to use the title tag and the ALT tag for the images. By doing this, the search engine provides better optimization and usability for your ranking in search engine pages.

4. Short Permalinks:

You must always use a good structure for your URLs mostly people don’t look on the URL part, and think it is just for cosmetic views, but Google does have a look at the first four words in the URL, and it will matter if you use instead of

5. SEO Optimized themes:

There is a lot of code to create a theme with the desired layout and the design you want. If Google is searching for content, they will have to skip through this part. If you have a large amount of coding for the theme, then you will have less content and keyword density as compared to that of the codes of the themes.

Hence, you must look for an SEO optimized theme as far as possible, and it not only increases the performance of the website but will also work for your ranking.

6. XML Sitemaps:

There are some plugins to create a sitemap with WordPress like Google XML Sitemaps. Google needs a sitemap to crawl your website, and it is just like the map on your website.

7. No bullshit content:

Content must be informative and to the point, we must use the headline and strong tags as high as possible, as it will improve the readability. It also helps in overall ranking.

8. Social Networks counts as votes:

If you are on the social network, then you will have many likes, comments. It will help you in ranking as Google will take those likes and comments as votes.

9. The Flash is quite old:

Flash contents are not visible to the search engines, and there is a strict NO if you are doing SEO oriented website.

10. Black Hat Techniques must not be used:

Tricking someone is not easy, and tricking one of the giants in the world is super difficult. Google cannot be tricked for long, and later you will be tricked for sure, hence you must not use any Black Hat SEO techniques to get some instant success.
These are the top 10 tips to get better visibility on the WordPress based website.
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