10 Money Making New Technologies you Need to See

10 Money Making New Technologies you Need to See
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The world of technology has long been an impressive place to spend your time. Looking around the world as we use our minds to develop new and improved tools and tech, it’s easy to see the potential within technology. Some technologies, though, are going to be more lucrative than others. If you are looking for an example of some awesome money making technologies around the world today, take a look below.

We’ve broken down some of the most interesting and exciting new technologies that you need to see which could be profitable.

Data Analytics

While not ‘new’ per se, data analytics is going through a mild revolution at this moment in time. Companies such as Google and Deloitte are getting heavily into data analysis, and people will be making money hand over fist from data in the future.

Some say that data is the new gold and according to research from Euro millions you can see how big internet companies receive huge amounts of data. While that might be a touch fanciful, it’s almost certainly one of the most exiting industries around that could turn you a profit. While data analytics and ethics are muddy bedfellows, the potential is certainly there.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most common forms of technological change is the development of AI. AI is changing all the time, and it’s needing more people to get involved. Whether you are coding AI or helping to form AI thinking, you will find that this lucrative opportunity is very much worth your time.

If you are serious about finding an industry that needs bright new minds and needs them yesterday, then you should start to study AI. This is almost certainly an opportunity for those who want to learn.


Coding is becoming more accessible than ever, especially development language coding. This is a very lucrative industry, as more companies need more coders to help fulfil growing demand. If you think that you could learn something like Java or C#, then it might be time to take the plunge and start learning as soon as is possible.

If you are serious about making the most of who you are as a person, then coding should be a line of work that you are interested in trying out eventually.

Brain Computers

Forgive the simplistic titling, but we believed that ‘mind control machines’ was a bit too strong. This is an industry with growing realism and demand, as more become aware of the immense power that technology could and will play in the future of our species. This immense new opportunity is growing all the time, and could help to do everything from restore partial sight to the blind to helping those control their disability equipment.

This is a growing industry, and the potential for it to grow is still massive.

Green Energy

In case you haven’t noticed, as a species we are kind of at a crossroads. Our consumption is killing the planet, and we need to find ways to reverse such problems as soon as is possible. Tools like clean energy storage is going to be the way forward, and this is going to become a major industry in the coming years – presuming we get our act together.

With many new forms of technology coming to life that could change the world, quite literally, there is immense financial incentives involved.

Smart Glasses

Growing all the time, the concept of ‘smart glasses’ is becoming more prominent as time goes on. Things like Google Glass made this novelty become a reality, and it’s now more likely than ever to become exactly what we are hoping for when we hear about something like this: glasses which can provide us with much more information than the normal eye could see.

It’s for this reason that many people choose to get involved using smart glasses: and why it might be your ideal technological introduction.

Interaction Tech

Another cool form of technology which is growing at a rapid pace is that of the use of interaction technology. This is going to help us to easily connect with and track just about everything that we do, helping us to interact with things that we normally would never be able to.

Such tools as interaction tech are about to change the face of technology forever, and it’s hard to see how we can ever. From smart devices to AI assistants, this lucrative technological system has immense growth left.

Sensor Analytics

Another business industry which is growing a lot is that of sensor analytics. As we connect everything together to create one big picture, we find it alarmingly easy to surround ourselves with data that might not mean much to us.

With sensor analytics, we’ll be able to better understand what our sensors are telling us. As the world becomes more tracked overall, there will be a need for people who can help these tools to make better decisions and ensure our sensors are always becoming more accurate.

Predictive Computing

This might sound absolutely wild, but we are presently in an era where computers are being developed which could potentially ‘read the future’ – it’s very interesting. Basically, all of the data that we are collecting around ourselves on our smartphones and similar devices essentially tracks everything we do: our interests, preferences and everything we do.

Before long, this data will be used to help ensure that our hardware is capable of predicting what we want do want. It could be used to help improve the quality of life that many of us enjoy, though there’s obviously the immense data privacy concerns.

If you want to help turn a very lucrative but different sounding industry into a more holistic and positive industry, then you could always try to get involved in predictive computing. Such industries always need bright, passionate minds getting involved.

Data Visualization

This is a new industry, and is tired to the first solution new mentioned in data analytics. People don’t want to look at reams of data and feel like they have a migraine coming on: with data visualization, you make all of those stress-inducing numbers a touch easier to look at and to read.

With that in mind, then, you should find it easy to see why working in data visualization is a good skill. If you can make that data spring off the page, you’re doing well.

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