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10 Challenges associated with Developing Mobile Applications

10 Challenges associated with Developing Mobile Applications
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Building an app is not easy and it shouldn’t be. The competition in all the app stores has grown by manifold, making it even more important to have an app that would stand out from the crowd with its features and design: a demand that needs efforts and a complete understanding of the industry and technicalities alike.

There are a number of challenges that are associated with developing a mobile app, making it extremely difficult for a novice to develop an app. For a company that is not willing to take help from app development companies and is planning to make the app themselves with just months or 1 year of experience, here are 10 Challenges associated with Developing Mobile Applications;

  1. Planning

The number one challenge that companies face when developing an app, especially when they have no experience of the market is planning. There are so many things that one needs to consider before launching an app – platform, buyer group, functionalities, etc. The scope of hit and trial increases when a company that doesn’t have the necessary experience gets into it.

  1. Variety of Devices

There are at least a thousand variety of mobile phones in the world, all having different design and functioning. And these are just phones when you count the number and variety of tablets and wearable, the number would only increase. What makes up as the most difficult part of making a mobile app is the presence of so many devices each with its own functioning and screen size.

  1. Different Software

In addition to a variety of hardware, the number of operating systems and software are huge too. When it comes to a variety of software, companies looking to make Android apps suffer most at the back of the frequent updates in the system.

  1. Testing

The next most challenging and rather time taking part of the whole app development process is to test the apps on the various device and software combinations. What makes it a tad more difficult is the various sub categories of testing, each emerging as necessary.

  1. Design and Layout

What is the need of the hour is – to have an app that is different from what others have seen in the stores and have ever experienced, and that is where the challenge part comes in, to make your app stand out in the small real estate space of the device. In case you are planning to make an app for the wearable, the problem only gets worse.

  1. The Limited Space

While this problem is on the users’ side, it still comes as a challenge especially when the app you have launched take up a lot of memory space for cache. Along with the space that you are occupying on the mobile, you will find that the device’s battery is also draining up. The chances are that over time, the app will be uninstalled only because of these very reasons.

  1. Network Connectivity

Again, not a problem from your end, but you will have to decide on what all pages to display when the network is low and the way of displaying it. Even if you offer 50% of your services in the offline mode, you will have to make users use your app in the online mode as well.

  1. Patent Issue

With a million of apps being there in the stores, it is extremely difficult to make an app that is 100% different from others both in design and description. Even if the concept of your app matches with that of some other app in the market, the second your app looks similar to somebody else’s, the chances of getting a patent issue in your hand grows.

  1. What follows the app launch is even more challenging

Even after getting over with the part of developing an app and getting it approved, the after launch part remains. Promoting it enough to get attention and then seeing that people are reacting well to it by keeping a tab on the review section and finally working on all the changes is what becomes difficult.

  1. The Thought Process

The most difficult part of developing an app is thinking that it is so difficult that you should leave it, is the biggest challenge that companies face. So while all the above-mentioned challenges remain, do not give upon your app.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced while developing your app? Let us know in the comments below.

Author Bio: From ChromeInfotech, one of India’s leading app development companies

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