Role of Preston and WeCommerce in PrestaShop

Role of Preston and WeCommerce in PrestaShop
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You have probably seen the latest ecommerce shopping carts survey of 2015 which states that PrestaShop and Shopify are close competitors while Magento and WooCommerce are leading the market. Therefore, PrestaShop has to face both the challenges at the same time.

  • Defend its position from Shopify
  • Approach to Magento and WooCommerce

PrestaShop has accepted this challenge with positive thinking and have tried to provide the best experience to merchants and customers along with introducing new innovations in shopping carts. Therefore, I will discuss the Role of Preston and WeCommerce in PrestaShop and hopefully you will enjoy the post.

Role of Preston in PrestaShopPrestaShop preston

Preston is one of such innovation which is adopted as PrestaShop new logo. Following the footsteps of Google which used names of different animals and birds such as Panda, Penguin, HummingBird, Pigeon etc., and PrestaShop has also selected a small bird Puffin as a mascot which actually eats fishes. However, instead of complicating it like PrestaShop Puffin, its name Preston is adopted which is of course a better representation of a brand. Following the idea, Preston will eat small shopping carts as it eats small fishes 🙂

Preston was actually introduced on PrestaShop day June 11, 2015 and I seen that a lot of PrestaShop Officials taking their selfies with this bird. However the amazing aspect was that they were treating the bird as an animal 🙂 as depicted from images.

PrestaShop preston

PrestaShop preston

Recently, PrestaShop was released and Preston was included it its back and front end demo which has given a new colorful look to PrestaShop.

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Role of WeCommerce in PrestaShop

The basic slogan of PrestaShop day was “Wecommerce is better ecommerce”. Many of us were thinking that either WeCommerce is a new platform launched by PrestaShop or it is newly integrated feature in existing PrestaShop.

wecommerce prestashop

xavierI decided to know about it from PrestaShop forum moderator Xavier Du tertre who became happy with my question and shared a video about WeCommerce with me.

But still it was bit confusing and then I gone deep into it and remain successful with my search. The point of concern was PrestaShop Developer Integration Fund of 1000000$ which will be shared among those developers who will make a best PrestaShop Module targeting the local market.

Wecommerce means that developers from all over the world can contribute in development of PrestaShop which is actually making PrestaShop made by all. Since PrestaShop has felt that it has to break the limitation boundaries and approach to stakeholder at any place of the world in seven continents.

Of course this is a great positive thinking that will help to make PrestaShop leading among different shopping carts.Let’s see what will happen in this ecommerce race.

Don’t forget to let me know your views via comments about Preston and WeCommerce.