How To Change Landing Pages Background in Magento?

How To Change Landing Pages Background in Magento?
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It is a straightaway truth that landing page design plays a vital part in website overall performance, traffic, bounce rate and revenue. How you measure your website performance? Definitely, bounce rate is the factor that is mostly considered in such analysis.

Yes that’s true! Because bounce rate is the actual presentation of the visitor’s behavior towards your website.

How to Control Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate

Bounce rate below 50 shows that visitors coming on your site takes interest in the content material of your shop. Probably, you will be in a search to find best way to reduce the bounce rate of your store. Although, there are multiple ways but in today’s blog, I will discuss the most simplest and effective way of decreasing bounce rate and that is store background.

Role of Website Background

When a new visitor comes on your site, the thing that he first sees is the home page content and its background. A poor selection of background with invalid color schema defiantly discourages the visitors to just tick the cross button on his browser. That’s means that bounce rate is 100%.

You have noticed here that visitors don’t even like to go to other landing pages i.e. category, product page etc., if the home page is not sharp enough to catch their attention.

So, merchant’s first priority towards controlling bounce rate should be website background. One can say that “Store background is the first and last impression of your website”.

Customer’s Behaviors towards a New Shop?

Discussing a daily life example, a new store opens up in your area and you are going to visit it first time. What will be your consideration? How you decide that store is good or bad? How to decide that if it is better for you to buy something from that store or not?

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The answer is that your first and the most important consideration should be the general look of that store, how the things are displayed, how store is looking at first glance. Applying the same code line in Magento stores when customers visit your online shop. The website presentation depicts the overall goodness or badness of your store. A better represented website assures the customers that the store products will be of good quality. In the case, customers will definitely love to buy from you.

How To Change Landing Pages Background in Magento?

Magento Image selector

Now, you will be looking to change the background of your store in case you think that already available background is hindrance in decreasing bounce rate. You are a web-developer plus designer, then this task is so simple to perform. It is not my aim to give you the procedure of coding, you will definitely know it well. But for those, who are not expert enough, they can make use of some external plugin like given on our website. This Magento image selector plugin is specially designed for this purpose. Only you need to choose a custom background and upload at the backend of your store. Moreover this plug-in works for all landing pages like home, category and product pages.

Finally, do you think that just image background changing is enough? As I said earlier, they are more things that you have to consider. I will try to cover all those in my next articles.

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