Different Aspects of WordPress Duplicate Content Issue and their Fixes

Different Aspects of WordPress Duplicate Content Issue and their Fixes
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Whenever we think of WordPress SEO, WordPress duplicate content is the first thing that every SEO expert will try to avoid while optimizing a site for better ranking. However, it doesn’t mean WordPress is not an SEO-friendly CMS platform. Undoubtedly, WordPress is SEO optimized, but the duplicate content issue could downturn the ranking of your site on search engine platforms.

WordPress definitely has some serious issues related to the duplicate content that can badly affect your SEO efforts. If you want to improve the ranking of your site, you need to identify the WordPress duplicate content issues and then find out the respective solution.

But before this, you need to understand the concept of Duplicate content and WordPress duplicate content affair.

Duplicate content is one of the serious issues for all WordPress developers, website owners and bloggers out there in the web development industry.

Google and other search engines find difficulties in determining which of the content location to display if there is a similar content on different pages of a website. When you select WordPress for your web project, you get multiple numbers of advanced features such as responsive web design, optimized theme, and SEO-optimized website, etc. But, the duplicate content issue is a crucial factor that could spoil all your efforts.

WordPress duplicate content issue

In simple words, it means having similar content on different pages or locations of WordPress sites. Suppose, you have the same post on multiple pages of your site, then it will be accessed by different URLs such as:



http:/www.mywebsite.com/my-menu/mypost and so on….

This happens when there is the same content on the multiple pages of your site or some content copied from other websites. When a search engine such as Google crawls for the specific content, it finds multiple locations for the same content. In such situations, the search engine gets confused which URL to show and which URL to hide. Google may even punish you for having duplicate content.

Different Aspects of WordPress Duplicate Content Issue:

Nobody wants to use the same content on multiple pages if there is no difference between the details of the content. The issue of having copied content also has the least possibility. So the only possibility left is the technical reason. However, there are many technical reasons behind the duplicating of the content. Here are some causes of duplicate content issues:

  1. Session IDs

Session IDs are one of the common reasons of duplicate content issue.  Most of the website owners or developers use Session IDs to track their visitors. For example, an online store tracks what a customer has added to the cart in their last visit. Such types of session ids attach to the URL and create the duplicate version of the web page.

  1. URL Parameters

The URL parameters can also cause the duplication of content. Sometimes, the URL contains extra parameters that do not alter the content of the page and causes duplication issue.

  1. Adding Printer-friendly pages

Most of webmasters link printer-friendly pages to the normal post pages and allow Google to find them. In this case, Google and other search engines get confused which link to show as the original content.

  1. Comment Pagination

WordPress comes with the comment pagination feature. But this feature can cause to create the duplicate content across the URLs.

  1. WWW and non-WWW

Sometimes, Google and other search engines fetch www and non-www versions of the site as duplicate content. Google considers it duplicate if both the versions of the site having the same content. For example:

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 Ways to identify the duplicate content

Make sure you check whether your site contains any duplicate content or not. There are several effective ways that can help you identify the duplication of content.

Use of Search Operations

  1. Use of Search Operations

Search operations can help you find the duplicate content from your website.

You can make a use of the following phrase that can help you search for all the URLs on your site that contain keyword “My Keyword”.

It will help you search the duplicate content for a specific keyword quickly and easily.

  1. Google Search Method

You can find the duplication of content by writing your website’s URL in the Google search and then look for the search results. Cross-check all the results and you can identify what all pages of your site are indexed by Google. This allows you to check for the links that are available in the search results.

  1. Google Webmaster tools

If you have a big site with a lot of web pages, then you should use the Google Webmaster tools that can help you find the duplicate content within your site with ease.

You can easily search the pages with the duplicate title and duplicate content. The tool makes it super-easy to find duplicate content issues.

How to fix the WordPress Duplicate Content Issue?

  1. Avoid using duplicate content

  • Try to avoid creating printer friendly pages for your websites. There is no use of such pages.
  • The session iDs in the URL should be disabled.
  • If your site is accessed by both the www and non-www versions, then stick to the one version and redirect the other version to this.
  • Disable the feature of comment pagination.
  1. Use Canonical Tag

Use a rel=canonical tag to avoid the duplication of content.

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You can use this when you are unable to avoid the duplicate content but you know the fact that it is because of some wrong URL. In such case, this particular element should be placed on the part of the site as it helps you drive the search engine to that version of the page that you want to show as the search result.

  1. Using Meta Tag

You can use the Meta Tag when you don’t want to index a particular page on search engine platforms. It is the best way to do when you want to display the page to your users but don’t want to index the page.

  1. Redirect the duplicate content

It is one of the most popular techniques that can help you solve the duplicate content issue with ease. You can avoid this by redirecting the duplicate page to the original page.

Bottom Line

Duplicate content is a severe problem for WordPress websites and blogs. It can negatively affect your SEO ranking, and you may start losing your potential web visitors.  If you really want to solve this problem, you need to create unique, engaging and quality content that will always encourage your search engine ranking.

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