Top 10 Useful SEO Extensions in Chrome
Tools and Extensions play an important role to make the life easier for programmers, merchants, seo experts, developers, students, teachers and all the other stackholders on internet. Considering the importance for all departments of life, I have decided to introduce some new and useful extensions for SEO experts that are used in chrome. Top 10… (0 comment)

Top 8 Coupon Code Sales Offers of 2015
Given below the top 10 upcoming events of 2015 on which you can start a coupon code program. For these events, you can offer discount upto 30%. Also I have mentioned the duration of coupon codes for best sales period. These coupon codes are specially beneficial for those merchants who sell products around the globe.… (0 comment)

Top 10 Upcoming Ecommerce Events of 2015
World is turned into a global village where no boundaries exists between countries and regions. This is especially beneficial for merchants who have now more opportunities to sell their products to different reigns via internet. If you’re in Europe, you have to think about Asia, America and Africa and the vice versa. How to be… (0 comment)

Google Hummingbird Algorithm – What’s Inside
In the past year Google announced the release of its brand new search algorithm Hummingbird; meaning “fast and precise”. It has been modeled to focus on the meanings behind the words and intent behind the query. It will allow Google to handle “conversational search”. By conversational search, it implies that the new algorithm would be… (1 comment)

How to Do Safe SEO with 100% Success Rate?
It is sole desire of every e-merchant to see his store on first page of search engines and especially Google. The reason behind is that 70% of the searchers don’t even go to 2nd page i.e., above ranks 10. Therefore, strong on page and off page SEO is needed in this case. Purpose of On… (2 comments)

Top 10 Safe SEO Expert Tips for Magento Stores in 2015
Magento is the most popular platform worldwide while Google is most popular Search Engine. Although, there is no similarity between them as per their functionality but one can’t deny the importance of Google for Magento and ecommerce world. The reason is simple; customer can only see a store when Google show it to them. Therefore,… (7 comments)

Google Phantom – A Silent Killer of May 2015
Are your ranks dropping down since May 2015? Do you have lost considerable traffic? Your sales and revenue is decreasing? Then it is obvious to think that Google has done something with your website. You probably know that Google Mobile Geddon was rolled out on 21th April, 2015. When you look onto your site, you… (2 comments)