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How SEO Pattern Change After Google Panda & Penguin Updates in 2016

google panda

A few years ago, SEO was considered a special kind of knowledge as how to manipulate Google’s search engine rankings with secret and smart tactics. While back then it seem to be the right choice, the SEO industry has matured

How Penguin 4.0 will bring about a Revolution in the SEO World

Penguin 4.0

23rd September 2016 is counted among one of the biggest game-changing days in the history of SEO as Google officially announced the release of its Penguin Update 4.0.  This update has now become the part of the core Google algorithm,

Google Penguin Update: What’s The Signal to Your Website?


Did you hear the news that Google Penguin Update has been rolled out? Yes, this Friday (23.9.2016) penguin has been released and now it is the part of Google’s core algorithm update in real time. We are here to help you

Why Your Startup Needs to Integrate eLearning?

Why Your Startup Needs to Integrate eLearning

Learning for most people has always been a shepherding process. Whether it was parents or school teachers, there was always a guide to help you along whenever you needed assistance. Even in the working world, this concept of guidance is

Boost Your Website With Top 5 Booking WordPress Plugins

Booking WordPress Plugins

Whether you manage a hotel, work as a consultant or run a local business, allowing users to book appointments certainly plays an important role for business or organisation. Adding an appointment booking management system to your websites will not only

Top 30 Key Infographics Submission Sites list That Wins Customers


Do you know what is infographics and its importance in today online marketing the world? if you don’t know then don’t think too much and just focus on my words . Infographics are basically a visual representation of detail information

Top 6 Outreach Email Templates for Guest Posting

out reach E-mail template

Backlinks are vital for a website to retain its rank’s health in Google. Although, there are different type of backlinks i.e. product/article directory submission, profile links, videos, presentations, ebooks, forum and blog commenting etc., but the most important out of

Top 40 Social Media Platforms For Marketing in 2016

social media platforms

As you know social media platforms have created a marvellous impact on the global world .In past social media was used just only for social interaction .But with the passage of time, social media has deepened its roots strongly all

How to Variate Anchors in a Post to Avoid Spam

how to anchor

The spam index of a website mainly depends on its anchor strategy. Poor anchors (Same anchors coming from different websites) finally lead to spam and blockage by Google. At the same time, good anchor strategy can boost the ranks in

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