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Joomla, Drupal or WordPress? Which CMS Is the Most Secure?

When you are thinking about creating your own website, the first step is to choose the right platform. A CMS (Content Management System) not only offers an easy maintenance but also saves your time and cost.   These days there

WordPress Vs Drupal Things To Consider Before Picking A CMS

drupal vs wordpress

WordPress and Drupal are two of the biggest players among the 45+% of websites that actually use a publicly available CMS. And while WordPress is away ahead of the curve in terms of market share, Drupal isn’t a hippie-Nobody either.

How to Create New Forum in Drupal 7?

drupal 7

After enabling the forum module and configuring the basic settings what we need to do is to add another forum. This change needs because you currently have the General Discussion. Now, let’s start learning how to add another forum in

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