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5 Best Techniques to deal with Comment Spam in WordPress

Comment Spam

Any blog/website owner will have hours and hours worth of tales retelling their adventures in moderating comment spam and dealing . It’s gruesome, in the way that’s tedious and terrible at the same time. While you optimistically leave your comment

Different Aspects of WordPress Duplicate Content Issue and their Fixes

WordPress Duplicate Content

Whenever we think of WordPress SEO, WordPress duplicate content is the first thing that every SEO expert will try to avoid while optimizing a site for better ranking. However, it doesn’t mean WordPress is not an SEO-friendly CMS platform. Undoubtedly,

Why WordPress Has Captured The Ecommerce Web Industry?

WordPress is about to celebrate it’s thirteenth birthday and still it is in the growing phase. Well we have seen saturation level of a lot of technologies, but WordPress certainly seems to break all the odds. With top most brands

App Development Made Easier with WordPress!

The popularity of WordPress is progressively increasing like a house on fire. Be it themes or plugins– every component is designed keeping needs of modern mobile generation for the attractive-looking yet truly functional interface. In addition to that, you can

How Hackers Can Hack WordPress and Possible Solution?

WordPress XSS

Right after the release of WordPress 4.2 security flaw raised in it. This flaw was related to comments through which hackers can leak our/break your security and afterwards hacking the password of admin. How Hackers Can Hack WordPress? According to

WordPress 4.2 – What’s New in this Version?

WordPress is surely the most downloaded and installed CMS software for different websites. It is equally popular in all continents whether it is Africa, Asia, Europe, US or others. The reason behind is that anyone can use this without too

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