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Ecommerce Shopping Carts Popularity Survey May 2015

Everyone in this world is in a race to defeat its competitors and same is the case with ecommerce shopping carts. Each platform wants to be no. 1 in the world with highest popularity. This is the reason that all

Optimize Your Magento Checkout Process


To optimize your Magento checkout process you need a quality plugins.As you know magento is considered as one of the best e-commerce platforms out there. Despite this, when you choose t as a platform for your e-commerce store, you still

Top 10 Safe SEO Expert Tips for Magento Stores in 2015

Magento SEO

Magento is the most popular platform worldwide while Google is most popular Search Engine. Although, there is no similarity between them as per their functionality but one can’t deny the importance of Google for Magento and ecommerce world. The reason

Magento 2.0 Updates, Rumors, Expectations and Needs


All shopping carts are in a rush to release the newer version of their software to beat their competitors. Although, Magento is ruling over the world but one can’t say that may be PrestaShop will be the winner of this

How to Use Magento CSV Pricing to Calculate Prices

Magento CSV Pricing

When you go to a physical shop to purchase curtains, blinds, fabric, banner, canvas and barrels etc., then the shop keeper generally use calculating devices to calculate the final prices of these products by considering their lengths/widths/height. This is quite

How to Use Product Attachment Feature in Magento?

magnto product attachment

When you download software from internet, the download package contains actual files along with some other helping files e.g. guides, tutorials, images, spread sheets, documents, text files etc. There are product attachments that are attached to give more assistance to

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