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Top 10 Reason to Hate Magento

hate magento

The Magento plugin is very popular among its users. Over the years a majority of the users have very positive views about the particular plugin. On the other hand, there are some people that don’t get impressed with the Magento.

The Benefits of Tool Integration With Magento E-Commerce Website

What would you do to buy a pair of your favoriteshoes? Chances are, you’d visit a retail shop near you, or walk into a glitzy mall in the city and lay your hands on the product desired. There, you can

Ecommerce Shopping Carts Popularity Survey of 2017 – Latest Trends Infographic

Ecommerce Shopping Carts Popularity Survey of 2017

The marketplace of ecommerce platforms is shifting continually since ecommerce itself develops gradually embracing new branches, areas and stores. A number of of the platforms have rising tendency, on the other hand, a few of them usually decline and this

Tips for Speed Optimization in Magento for Better Performance

magento seo

The conversion rate of your Magento based E-commerce site will be better if it loads faster. There are many reasons (such as too many redirections, poor hosting services, heavy pages, using heavy images and large contents, etc.) that can make

8 Reasons Why Future of Magento in USA is Secure?

Magento in USA

When it comes to selling your stuff online, Magento is no stranger. From footwear and garments such as Nike to luxury and sports cars such as Ford, Magento is dominating the e-commerce sector with thousands of online stores in its

How to Secure Magento eCommerce Website from Getting Hacked?

Securing an eCommerce website from hackers and malicious attacks is one of the most challenging tasks for an online store owner. Being a site owner, you should always make sure that the monetary transactions emerging within your online store are

How To Turn Magento 2 New Relic Reporting Into Success

New Relic reporting is one of the surpassing features with Magento 2. It is as old as Magento. The projects which are using New Relic for performance are much easier to identify the difficulties obtained on the production systems which

Magento vs Shopify vs WooCommerce: Which Is the Best?

Magento vs. Shopify vs. WooCommerce: Which Is the Best?

The success of your e-commerce venture largely depends on which platform you use in developing it. One of the success factors in your e-commerce website is its robustness and power. Is it capable of handling many e-commerce features such as

The Easiest Way To Turn Any Magento Site Mobile Friendly

I have not forgotten and i am sure you have also not the big fat queues in front of Apple retail stores when Apple 6 and Apple 6 plus were launched. Not to forget the traffic swarm on online stores

Magento 2.0- Everything you Wanted to Know

Magento 2.0

While multiple versions of Magento e-commerce platform have received several applauds from the Magento fans, Magento 2 is perhaps the version that has been one of the favorite topics of discussion among Magento developers. This recently released version of the

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