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Different Aspects of WordPress Duplicate Content Issue and their Fixes

WordPress Duplicate Content

Whenever we think of WordPress SEO, WordPress duplicate content is the first thing that every SEO expert will try to avoid while optimizing a site for better ranking. However, it doesn’t mean WordPress is not an SEO-friendly CMS platform. Undoubtedly,

Top 30 Key Infographics Submission Sites list That Wins Customers


Do you know what is infographics and its importance in today online marketing the world? if you don’t know then don’t think too much and just focus on my words . Infographics are basically a visual representation of detail information

WordPress Vs Drupal Things To Consider Before Picking A CMS

drupal vs wordpress

WordPress and Drupal are two of the biggest players among the 45+% of websites that actually use a publicly available CMS. And while WordPress is away ahead of the curve in terms of market share, Drupal isn’t a hippie-Nobody either.

Why WordPress Has Captured The Ecommerce Web Industry?

WordPress is about to celebrate it’s thirteenth birthday and still it is in the growing phase. Well we have seen saturation level of a lot of technologies, but WordPress certainly seems to break all the odds. With top most brands

Top 40 Social Media Platforms For Marketing in 2016

social media platforms

As you know social media platforms have created a marvellous impact on the global world .In past social media was used just only for social interaction .But with the passage of time, social media has deepened its roots strongly all

Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Printing Company Template

jomla printing vitrumart extension -01

Any companies working in printing industry, especially online printing can understand thoroughly how important role website play in their business strategies. The most obvious advantage of website is shortening the distance between your company and customers and it is undeniable

Magento Printing Website Theme By Cmsmart

magento printing theme 4

In recent years, online printing industry appears as the potential market that inspires smart shop owners to carry out their new and daring business strategies. You can observe the increasing popularity of the Internet and World-Wide-Web in every corner and

Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 3 plugin


It is undeniable that the appearance of Internet and E-commerce industry makes our life become more and more convenient. Nowadays, you just need to stay at home and with some clicks you can purchase anything you want on the Internet.

Magento Responsive Admin Template by CMSmart


For the online store owners, manage their website specially on Magento is always a very important thing. With the large online store, the management and analyzing information on their websites become more difficult. Daily, store owners / managers need to

One Page Checkout Virtue-Mart Extension


One Page Checkout Virtue-mart Extension 5.0 is an essential plugin for all e-commerce sites which are built by Virtue mart. this module from CMSMART is one of the best products on the marketplace today. This is a product that helps reduce checkout

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