How to Variate Anchors in a Post to Avoid Spam
The spam index of a website mainly depends on its anchor strategy. Poor anchors (Same anchors coming from different websites) finally lead to spam and blockage by Google. At the same time, good anchor strategy can boost the ranks in Google. So anchor is the main point of our today’s post. How to Variate Anchors… (0 comment)

How to Write an Excellent Product Show off?
Sales of your products depend mainly on the description and presentation of your products. You can sell an average quality product more easily with good presentation while you may not be able to sell a good quality product due to bad description of that product. Find out keywords before writing description, and place those in… (0 comment)

Congratulation to PrestaShop for Brand New HQ
PrestaShop is among the biggest shopping platforms which not only focus to fulfill the user needs but also desire to upgrade their infrastructure. Although, market share of PrestaShop is pretty low as compared to Magento but it stills keeps itself up to date with day to day needs. The things that I like most about… (1 comment)

SEO Link Directory of 2016 – Presentation and PDF Submission Sites
All SEO experts emphasizes on Link diversity of a website to get better ranks in Google and other search engines. It is an indicator for good Off Page SEO and it means your website should have backlinks from different type of soruces likes articles, product submissions, ebooks, presentation, videos, social bookmarks, ad posts, question/answers, forum/blog… (2 comments)