20 Free Resources for Web Designers in 2016

20 Free Resources for Web Designers in 2016
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The struggles are real. That is, of the web designers whose creative juices aren’t flowing as smoothly as they should be? How can a designer – any designer, for that matter – finish a project without it? UI elements, PSD files, mockups, etc. Name it, and you will find them online. The problem is where you will find them?  Here’s the answer…. Below are 20 Free Resources for Web Designers in 2016 that are found to be useful. The best part is they are 100% free.

These resources have been around for quite a while now, so there is no reason why web designers won’t be using them in 2016.

1) Dribbble (April 2012)


Free PSD Downloads and Resources from Dribbble

Dribbble is a haven for designers. It offers free one-page wireframes, iPhone UI, mobile login PSD files, flat icons and iPad PSD mockups among others.

2) Psddd (November 2012)


Beautiful Dribble freebies for the creative professional

Psddd offers a full collection of icons, mockups, blurred backgrounds, patterns, UI kits, download buttons, replacement icons, material designs and more.

3) COLOURLovers (December 2004)


Color Trends + Palettes

COLOURLovers is a community where web designers and the like meet to discuss anything about colors, palettes and patterns. There are 8,149,601 colors and growing named by the community members. The site also features the latest palettes in the web.

4) CG Textures (August 2006)

CG Textures

Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop!

CG Textures is a library of hundreds of textures in 40+ categories. The site also provides seamless textures for specific categories. Tutorials are also available.

5) Subtle Patterns (April 2011)

Subtle Patterns

Free texture for your next web project

Subtle Patterns is a library of downloadable patterns that can be manually imported to your own Photoshop library. The most popular patterns are light, dark, paper, stripes, carbon, wall, fabric and diamond.

6) GuideGuide (January 2012)


Guides are a pain

GuideGuide is an Adobe Photoshop plugin which helps in placing guides and creating grids in a document or selection. The extension allows web designers to save their favorite grids as sets.

7) MakeAppicon (November 2012)


Generate app icons of all sizes with a click!

MakeAppicon is an icon generator that can be used in re-sizing and optimizing icon designs for iOS and Android. Designers simply need to upload or drop their design files to the site directly. The tool supports .jpg, .png and .psd files.

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8) Hexy (November 2014)


Hexy Hexy Photoshop Plugin

Hexy is another plugin that allows copying and pasting color hex values from Photoshop to clipboard. The color select tool is used in copying hex colors. All the selected colors are automatically copied to the clipboard and can be readily used in stylesheets.

9) WhatTheFont! (August 2000)


Seen a font in use and want to know what it is?

WhatTheFont! is the answer. Creative professionals simply need to submit the image of the font and the website will find its closest match from its database. It is also available in mobile.

10) Lorem Ipsum Generator (April 2014)

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Free Adobe Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator is a plugin, which is dubbed as the best plugin  for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver. The app has customized options for both Windows and Mac computers.

11) FreeImages (March 1997)


Over 390,050 Free Photos and Textures

FreeImages is a collection of photos, images, illustrations, and backgrounds. There are at least 26 free photos categories to choose a  specific photo from.

12) UI Cloud (July 2012)

UI Cloud

The largest user interface design database in the world.

UI Cloud is a collection of the best UI designs. It is a search engine where web designers may find the UI elements they need. UI Cloud features more than 46,500 UI elements and over 1,200 UI kits. These are categorized under Apple, Android, Windows, PSD, HTML, CSS, jQuery and Vector.

13) Flat UI Color Picker (November 2013)

Flat UI Color Picker

Best Flat Colors for UI Design

Flat UI Color Picker is a project that gives designers wide options for flat designs.

14) TETHR (September 2014)


The Most Beautiful iOS Design Kit Ever Made

TETHR, which aims to transform designs into interactive web and mobile mockups and prototypes, is a product of InVision. It is available for both Photoshop and Sketch. It contains 8 source files, 138 templates, and 250+ UI elements.

15) Hex Colorrrs (April 2013)

Hex Colorrrs

Hex to RGB Converter

Hex Colorrrs is a tool used to convert hex values to RGB and vice versa. A brainchild of Jamie Brittain, this tool is the continuation of Colorrs.com where you only need to press the spacebar to look for the hex value of the color you need.

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16) Pttrns (February 2011)


Mobile design patterns, resources and inspiration

Pttrns is a collection of UI patterns, resources and inspiration for iOS and Android. There are about 5,052 patterns available. It has an archive of patterns from 2012 to present.

17) Moodboard (August 2014)


Quickly build beautiful moodboards and easily share the results

Moodboard is a tool created by freelance creative people. Designers are allowed to share their designs, ideas and inspirations without the need to create an account. A designer may start with a blank moodboard.

18) Ui Parade (November 2011)

Ui Parade

User interface design inspiration & design tools

Ui Parade is actually an online catalog where UI designers may browse for inspiration. Other than UI kits, the catalog features a wide collection from buttons to navs to scrollers to sliders that are created by designers worldwide.

19) Picography (October 2014)


Use however you like

Picography is a collection of high resolution photos that can be used in any way a designer would like to. The photos are submitted and the minimum required width for submission is 3000 pixels. In return, the individuals who submitted their photos are given the chance to showcase their portfolio through the site.

20) 1001 Free Fonts (January 1999)

1001 Free Fonts

Download 28,507 Fonts

1001 Free Fonts is an archive of free downloadable fonts. The huge selection of fonts are alphabetically organized and it features new fonts and top fonts. Name a category of font and 1001 Free Fonts has it. The site allows any creative professional to buy the commercial license of their preferred fonts.

Good thing there are a plethora of sites to draw inspiration from. These are just 20 of the volumes of free resources online; some are relatively new while some are existing for more than 2 decades now. One of the greatest things about the design community is the inherent desire to share their projects and tools to inspire other designers. Bookmark this post, if you must, so you can have something to look back at in case you are a little lost.

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