How To Cope Up With Angry Developers?
A developer is an asset for a software and web development company as he/she is the person that can provide you a winning programming code. On the downside of it, the same developer can become your worst nightmare by defaming the reputation of your development company. Yes, it is not an overstated statement but a… (0 comment)

Advantages of using WordPress
Being ubiquitous is an important aspect of your business. And why not, after all, people can access you communicate with you anytime as per their convenience. There are websites for every other business be it an eating joint or for online shopping or renting/buying properties and so on. Apart from the exchange of commodities, you… (0 comment)

8 Reasons Why Future of Magento in USA is Secure?
When it comes to selling your stuff online, Magento is no stranger. From footwear and garments such as Nike to luxury and sports cars such as Ford, Magento is dominating the e-commerce sector with thousands of online stores in its fold. History of Magento A US private company Varien Inc. originally owned Magento and released… (0 comment)

6 Key Elements Of A Social Media Marketing Strategy For Users Engagement
Many entrepreneurs struggle to create a social media marketing strategy which works and helps the business to grow. There are several reasons that the business people cannot create a safe reliable and a fruitful online marketing strategy. One of those reasons is, not understanding the online market. Without proper knowledge of the online market, you… (2 comments)

How to Secure Magento eCommerce Website from Getting Hacked?
Securing an eCommerce website from hackers and malicious attacks is one of the most challenging tasks for an online store owner. Being a site owner, you should always make sure that the monetary transactions emerging within your online store are safe and secure. However, protecting an online store is not as easy as you think,…

3 Instant Messaging Apps Other Than WhatsApp
WhatsApp is considered the king of instant messaging apps for its higher fan base. Just like other applications, it also started slowly and grab a fair market share. The popularity was praised on the social network that’s why Facebook acquired it for a huge sum of 19 billion dollars. The interface is still demanding and… (0 comment)
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